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Harry Potter Moment #100

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite James Potter Moment

Sacrificing his life, without a wand, to save his wife and son ♥

I know a lot of people don't like him, because he was shown to bully Snape. What they forget is that Snape was also a bully towards James. They hated each other - the bullying went both ways.  We saw Snape's memories but if we had seen James' too, the story would have been the same from the other side. Now obviously, James wasn't the man Harry grew up to be and the bottom line is that yes James was a jerk when he was younger but he was also caring. He loved Lily. He loved his friends. He saved Snape from Sirius' horrible prank. He became an Animagus so Lupin wouldn't be alone. He welcomed Sirius into his home and made him feel like family. He even accepted and befriended Wormtail, despite the fact that Wormtail was a rat and a coward. James might have been spoiled but he was also loved and he had that love in his heart.

No, James wasn't perfect, but he wasn't  the horrible bully that people remember him as either and I'm sorry but facing Voldemort without a weapon; facing certain death to give your wife and baby a fighting chance is not only as brave as it gets, but it shows an incredible amount of love.


  1. What James (and Lily) did for Harry truly epitomizes the meaning of bravery, and I absolutely love his brother-like relationship with Sirius. I did wince during that glimpse we got of young James in the Pensieve, but I never felt like that single incident defined his character as a whole. Harry learned that his father had flaws, like everyone else, but I don't think that diminishes everything else that James did, including sacrificing his life.

  2. That such a great moment! It both warms my heart and shatters it. The amount of love that both James and Lilly showed when they sacrificed themselves for Harry is just amazing and it's just so sad that Harry wasn't able to grow up surrounded by that love.

    I always really liked James' character. We never really met him, but I still think his character was so great. He had flaws and he was a huge jerk when he was younger, but he was also very loyal and brave. He would protect the people he loved with his life and he did. Without a second thought he was willing to go up against the most powerful wizard without a wand on the small possibility that it would save his wife and son. He knew he would die, but he would gladly do it if Lilly and Harry survived. Yes, he bullied Snape, but like you said, Snape bullied him back. They just never liked each other. Does that justify what he did, no, but it does explain it and gives his character more depth.

  3. I could never really be bothered about the bullying part, especially because I think most people do things they regret during their teens. It would have been odd if James were this super sparkly unicorn type of person - and we all know Rowling is better than that.

  4. Yeah, I love both Snape and James and neither of them are faultless but they are still great characters and I totally agree with the moment you picked, it would be mine as well. When I first read that I was SO emotional.

  5. I feel the same. That moment when he was wandless in front of Voldemort simply to give his wife and son a fighting chance says so much about his character. I love that it's one of the first things we learn about him so that when those memories of him being a bully and big-headed show up later, we already know that he grew out of those behaviors...or at least made up for them and then some. I agree with you on taking Sirius in and becoming an animagus for Lupin...these were some true friends that would do anything for each other. Great answer :D

  6. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, the negative stuff always seems to be the thing that sticks out. But James was a great character; he loved his family and friends something fierce. I mean, he learned some incredibly difficult magic just to give Lupin some security while he was a werewolf. That's love right there, a crazy kind of determination and loyalty. He knew he had no chance of survival without his wand against Voldemort and still he chose to chance it and protect Lily and Harry. Oh I have so much made respect for James. So Much.

  7. I totally agree. James had his faults, but I actually love that JKR didn't portray him as some perfect, saintly character just because he had passed away. He was human, and he made mistakes when he was younger. The beauty of all JKR's characters is that they are multidimensional and not all good or all evil. Even Dumbledore has a shady past and rather dubious motives. It's what makes these characters so realistic rather than just tropes.

    I've always liked James. He was brave, funny and loyal and Harry got many of his good qualities from him.

  8. Aww, yes <3 I remember being so disappointed when I first read that Snape pensive chapter... but I do think it makes his character arc so much more interesting and realistic. I love that all of Jo's characters have flaws and nuance, and aren't black and white (besides you know, some of the baddies). And no one can argue that the man that James became is a man worthy of respect and love.

  9. I agree with what you said! Despite the fact that James was a jerk when he grew up he became just a great person in the end. He cared so much for his friends and really did everything he could to protect his family. You wrote a great post, nice job! :D

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!


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