Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fandom Mashup #12

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is a new original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews and it's basically my way of creating dream teams of all my fandoms and having some fun with them.  The idea is that every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then build my personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in on the fandom fun and whip up a post - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Hello to everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you all have been getting a nicer Summer than we have over here. The start of July was uncomfortably hot and humid but for the last few weeks it's been frigid and raining non-stop. I've resorted to wearing socks and slippers. IN THE SUMMER! The horror!  In any case, I hope you're all ready for this week's Fandom Mashup:

Some villain's out there wrecking havoc and in need of a serious beat-down. Who do you bring with you to kick some ass?

Kaladin (Stormlight Archive)

Kaladin is the definition of EPIC. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if you look up 'epic' in the dictionary, there's a picture of Kaladin right there. XD  In all seriousness though, Kaladin can THROW DOWN like nobody's business and his powers would definitely come in handy.


Uhm...yeah. If someone's in need of a beatdown, Batman is my automatic go-to. Obviously, he's one of my heroes of all heroes but he's also a legendary ass-kicker. If someone's out there wrecking havoc, Batman will get to him in no time and he'll make him pay O.O


Was there ever any doubt? This lady's made my list just about every damn week. Why? Pft, you all know why! In this case though, Celaena would basically be a female Batman. Plus, I'd LOVE to see the two of them work together :D

Dean Winchester

As much as I love me some Sam, everyone knows that Dean is the Winchester to go to if someone needs to get their butt handed to them. Not that Sam wouldn't be up for the job, but Dean takes a lot of pleasure into catching a bad guy and watching him squirm.

Vin (Mistborn)

And, then there's Vin and I think she's another fairly obvious choice. Vin can fight along with the best of them, and her powers would come in wicked handy. Between her and Kaladin, this villain doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.


  1. I hope you get some more summer-like weather soon! We're in the middle of our rainy season here, which just makes the humidity worse. :/

    Hehe, I LOVE the idea of Celaena and Batman working together! And then not one but two Sanderson characters on the same team? This villain had better start running away NOW. :D

    1. I do too Lee^^ it's actually sunny today, can you imagine?! Ugh, I don't mind the rain personally but if it spikes the humidity for you guys that's no good :(

      I.DO.TOO. I think they'd make a seriously amazing and dreamy team ;) And I agree on the dual Sanderson character thing - especially Kaladin and Vin. This villain doesn't stand a chance XD

  2. My July started the same way; Hot, Humid, and horrible. Although mine stayed that way and August doesn't look any better. However, I would take hot and humid over frigid rain in the freaking summer :(. Hope your summer gets better soon =D

    I didn't even think of Dean O.o I am ashamed! He would be perfect not only because he is kick-butt, but he has so much experience in this type of situation :). I love how Celaena is practically a Permanent feature in all of our Mashups. She is just such a perfect character =D
    I really need to meet Kaladin soon. He is in so many of your teams that I don't know what I am more excited for, the plot or meeting him, lol :D

    1. Oh my, well I hope you guys get a break from the humidity at least^^ I enjoy rainy days more than most people, but I wish July had a least been warmer o_O

      Oh no! I hate when I forget someone that I feel really belonged on any given week! Dean definitely fit the bill this week for me, but Celaena did too ;) I LOVE how she's basically a regular now with all of us LOL

      And YES PLEASE, I think you really NEED to meet Kaladin too XD Oh, I think you're going to adore the plot, but Kaladin will definitely be a highlight as well hahaha!


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