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Top Ten Tuesday #24

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which features a variety of bookish top ten lists!

Top Ten Books I'd Love To See As Movies/Tv Shows

Throne of Glass

I can't quite make up my mind if I want the Throne of Glass story told by film or television show. On the one hand, I don't want them to omit any details, so a television show sounds like the better choice. But. On the other hand, I feel like only films would have the budget to tackle the special effect required for the fight scenes, world-building special effects and the magic involved here.  Films might be the better choice here, so long as those Hollywood producers promise not to cut out ANY of the good stuff! Then again, I wouldn't say no to an HBO series - not by a long shot.

Stormlight Archive

Since  we're talking about an amazingly detailed, epic-fantasy here, I feel like this story needs the Game of Thrones treatment. I want a Stormlight Archive television series. Bad.  Because of the sheer size of each book, we might need 50-episode long seasons, otherwise each book would span more than one season...in which case, the show could run for like 30 seasons. And I'd be 100% ok with that ♥

The Raven Cycle

Because these are much more character-based stories, with less action, I'd have to go for getting a Raven Cycle television series.  One hour a week of slow-burn, torturous wanting-but-not-having, with a little ley-line adventures thrown in sounds like heaven to me! Each book would nicely fit into one season too considering their size.  NO detail would be omitted and we could just bask in the reflective glory of the Raven Boys...I'm already dreaming about season two's focus on my Ronan ;)


Can you imagine seeing Vin's epic fighting scenes on the big screen? Cause I sure can!  The Mistborn trilogy would make a fantastic film series if you ask me.  The unique magical system would be so freaking glorious to behold, not to mention the bleak world and scary bad guys. The visuals already have me drooling so I'm not even going to get started on the character development and the ships. Gah!  I NEED this to happen, are you listening Hollywood?

The Lunar Chronicles

For this particular series, I want a film version and I want it bad. Imagine the scope the right production team could bring to the futuristic world where Cinder, Scarlet, Prince Kai, Wolf and the rest of the gang dwell. Imagine the view from the Satellite Cress lives in. Imagine LUNA!  Oh this could be a fantastic film series and I'd definitely line up to see every one of them. The Lunar Chronicles could really be something big.

Harry Potter 

I know we've already got the movies and that overall they did a pretty great job adapting them from the books, but I'm here to argue for a Harry Potter television series. Think about it: each book could have it's own SEASON, until we got to the bigger books, which could easily be split into two or even three seasons.  Each chapter would count as one episode, give or take and we'd get to see ALL of the moments, in ALL of the books.  I doubt they'd be able to beat the films cast-wise and effects-wise, but hey, I can dream right?

The School for Good and Evil

I think that this adorable middle-grade fantasy trilogy has a lot of potential as a set of films.  Think of the detail they could bring into the School for Good and the School for Evil. The way our heroines enter the world, the way they interact with their fantastic surroundings! Middle-grade or not, I'd be SO.IN. And let's face it, our heroines practically leap off of the pages as it is, they would be beyond engaging on the big screen. The School for Good and Evil could be the next Harry Potter movies.

The Fever Series

In the case of the Fever Series, a television series, preferable on a network that doesn't censor anything would be the way to go.  Then they wouldn't need to take out any of the steamier scenes and we'd get all of the spectacular character development that is the backbone of this series.  And just think about the possibilities for Barrons O.O There are some special effects but I think a television series with a nice budget could easily do it justice. Oh this would be SO.GOOD.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone

I could see the DoS&B series holding up quite well as a set of films.  They'd sort of need the budget for all the special effects required for the parallel worlds, not to mention the angels and the chimera! The first book has already been optioned as a film but the prospect also makes me anxious because they really can't afford to cut out any of the good stuff.  And let's face it, there is a LOT of good stuff to be had here.  I'm not sure how Laini Taylor's glorious prose would translate onto the big screen, but here's hoping it all works just as well as the books did!

The Charley Davidson Series

Much like the Fever Series, the Charley Davidson series would require a fairly uncensored television series to do it proper justice.  I don't want any of the hotness that is Reyes and Charley to get the PG-13 treatment, thank you very much! As films, I feel like we'd lose most of the good stuff, but as a t.v. series, we'd get to bask in the tension, the hotness, the mystery and the paranormal side of it for as much time as these books rightfully deserve.  Gah! It would be so freaking good.


  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is supposedly being made into a movie, but I haven't heard anything new about it for a long time. I'm reading Cinder right now and I already want a movie! I totally agree with Throne of Glass! It would work well on cable but a movies would be great, too. Awesome list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  2. Now that you mention it, the Raven Boys would make a great TV show. It would be emotional torture, but oh so good.
    I CHOSE HP AS A TV SHOW ALSO! I'm dreaming of it. I'm in love with the idea. I need it. But at the same time I'm a little afraid of it. But there's so much they could do with it! And if it was on the BBC it would probably have 10-14 episodes so maybe they wouldn't stick too many holes in the plot by trying to drag it out for 22 episodes.

  3. I agree about Throne of Glass, I wasn't the biggest fan of the books but I feel it will make a good show if it has more action in it. Awesome list overall <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. A weekly dose of Blue and the Raven Boys? AHHHH. I agree that the books would be better suited to TV so that we could savor every character nuance and line of dialogue. ❤

  5. Ah, interesting reading your thoughts on TV vs Movie adaptations here. Given the choice, I would automatically go with movies for all my favourite books because I associate movies with having a greater budget, talent, epicness, but I can also see how that's not necessarily the best option for some adaptations. So if we could be guaranteed a high-budget, high-quality, very detailed and loyal tv adaptation akin to GoT, then I would be for that! Those are a lot of qualifiers though and perhaps too much to ask for... but I agree that we can DREAM! An episode per chapter of HP would basically be the best thing ever.

  6. Whatever happened to Fever's movie deal? I don't keep up with the news anymore... I would love to see Wolves of Mercy Falls, esp Sinner, on screen. It's more heartbreaking (and better IMO) than Twilight.

  7. I really, really need to get around to reading my copy of The Raven Boys! I have some time off work next week, so I think I might see if I can power through it then. ;)

    Great list, Micheline! I must admit I think if given to the right creative team The Lunar Chronicles could be translated into some pretty amazing films - visually they'd be stunning, you could have so much fun with the setting with a series like that. :D

  8. Yes, yes, YES! I Harry Potter TV show. I'd watch it, I know so many people that would watch ti! I love your idea. I've only read the first Raven Cycle book, so I didn't even consider it, but I would be very eager to watch a tv series based on those books. Great list! :)

  9. I haven't read Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet, but from what I've heard I think it would make a fantastic movie! And I would love to see any of Maggie Stiefvater's books on the big screen - I almost chose The Raven Boys!
    It was so great meeting you at BEA, and thanks for saying hello on my blog. :)

  10. Daughter of Smoke and Bone - yes please! I would like to see it animated, but with the advancements with CGI, you never know!


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