Thursday, April 9, 2015

Harry Potter MotW #85

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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What Would Your Animagus Form Be?

Ha! It's funny that when we talked about our Patronus, I mentioned that fact that McGonagall had both a cat Patronus and Animagus and that I figured I'd be the same...which obviously means my Animagus form would be:

A Cat

Yeaaahh baby.  My fascination with cats doesn't stop with me loving them and wanting to be around them. Nope.  I also think it would be absolutely amazing to be able to actually be a cat.  Prowling around at night, unseen, unheard. Being a total boss and knowing it.  Not to mention all the cuddles and attention one would get...if one was so inclined ;) Being able to transform into a cat, at will, would be a dream come true ♥


  1. I am not surprised by your pick! I was over at Rally the Readers and said I'd either be a wolf or a bear. Territorial beast here!

  2. Being a cat would be pretty handy! :) They're agile, basically immortal, lords of all evil... :P
    I have no idea what I'd be, maybe something that flies even though I do not like flying things much. Maybe a sea creature... or a wolf, like I think my Patronus might be :)

  3. It would be amazing to be able to turn into a cat! Cats are just awesome and they have nine lives. Who wouldn't want to have nine lives? Although I think I would be an owl because I would love to fly!

  4. I totally wish I had cat-like reflexes! And cats really do have a sweet life, what with all the pampering they get from humans! :D

  5. I actually never thought about this. My Patronus would be a Phoenix, but I'm not sure I would like to transform into one. Imagine that I would burst into flames.. NOPE. I love giraffes, but that's not really a practical animal, haha. I guess a cat/dog would be the most ideal, because that way you can go anywhere. And I don't like dogs, so I might be a cat too! If you something big, small or scary it's a bit useless.

  6. Well of course :) Mine might also be the same as my patronus - a dog. But I do think it would be really great to be able to fly - so maybe a flying animal!

  7. "Being a total boss and knowing it." <- truer words have not been spoken LOL

  8. I love it! Cat's are so smart and you could get quite a bit of intel as a cat. Great choice!


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