Thursday, March 12, 2015

Harry Potter MotW #81

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Best Hogwarts Teacher

So many Hogwarts teachers deserve credit for being the best of the best when it comes to their respective fields.. and magic in general to be honest.  Sure, some were lame (like Lockhart) and some were downright cruel (like Snape) but most were just busy being epic 24/7 and they deserve props. Since I gave all the love to Lupin last time we were talking teachers, I decided to mix it up this week:

Albus Dumbledore 

Throughout the series, my one dream was to be taught by him. I can't explain how deep my need was for him to teach Harry personally.  I finally got my wish in Half-Blood Prince, and while it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, it was no less amazing!  Dumbledore skills and sheer brilliance were legendary way back when he was a student, so I can't even imagine how much wisdom he'd have to impart as a teacher. It boggles the mind. All I know is that I want a piece of that action.

Minerva McGonagall 

When push comes to shove, this woman is a legend.  She's a no-nonsense teacher, she's exceptionally skilled at what she does - and what she does is as complex as it can get.  Transfiguration isn't some old magic trick anyone can pull off at the drop of a hat.  It takes years to even wish to be as skilled as she clearly is - and then you get to turn yourself into something. Like a cat.  You can't get any more awesome than that.


  1. Dumbledore always looks like such a sweet grandfather, I'd love to be dazzled by his brilliant mind and sometimes goofy moments, like when he shouts those random words like 'blubber' I love it, haha. Minerva is the type of teacher I really like; strict, but fair.

  2. Dumbledore must have been an AMAZING teacher before he became headmaster. I will always be in awe of the man's brilliance. And of course McGonagall is amazing as well; I would have LOVED to have been in her Transfiguration class!

  3. I agree on both counts!! I would've adored having Dumbledore as an actual teacher, but it was wonderful to get to see Harry apprentice to him a bit in HBP. I just love McGonagall! She is absolutely brilliant, and you're right. The subject she teaches has to be one of the hardest ones.


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