Thursday, February 26, 2015

Harry Potter MotW #79

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Best DADA Teacher

Hands down, no contest, this honor belongs Remus Lupin

He taught Harry how to fight off Dementors, he was easily the DADA teacher the students got the most out of...not to mention how tragic and brave the guy was on any given day.  After Sirius, he was the closest Harry got to a parental figure and he always felt like family to me.  And I'm not just saying that because I share a birthday with the guy (*ahem* March 10th *cough*)   I just love Lupin to pieces and miss him terribly. ♥

Honorable Mention: Barty Crouch Jr. posing as Mad-Eye Moody 

Admittedly, he did teach them quite a bit of useful, valuable magic, despite his less than honorable motives. They might have been harsh lessons, but they were ones the kids needed to learn in order to face the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters! And let's face it, this is just another opportunity for me to look at this guy^^ hihi


  1. I totally agree on both accounts. Lupin was amazing, and I love how he made Harry more confident and taught him so many amazing things. But this crazy ass mofo Barty was also pretty useful. If nothing else, he did help Neville after he messed him up, which helped Harry, and despite his motives they probably took away a lot. More then they did in the 5th book! :D
    Good picks!

  2. I love Lupin! I named my first clunker of a car after him...even though my mom always thought it sounded like a disease.

    And at first I was like, "Barty Crouch? What?" But, I get it. He also probably helped Harry with the Tri-Wizard tournament more than any other legit teacher would. Granted, he was also the reason Harry was in it...but it made for fun reading times.

    I also kind of loved Snape. Sometimes I think it's the teachers that challenge us the most that end up being the ones who teach us the most too.

  3. I do think Lupin was an incredible teacher. He really knew his material and was able to impart lasting knowledge. I don't think Harry would have become nearly as skilled as he did without Lupin as a mentor. Having someone competent in this position really enabled Harry to find his own affinity with the subject. So I give him major props! That said, I went in a different direction for my HP MOTW...

  4. Great minds think alike! And your Lupin gif is one I almost grabbed, too. I have to mostly agree on your honorable mention pick. Barty did teach them well. Plus, he turned Malfoy into a FERRET! That was perfect :)

  5. Lupin! ♥ And you share a birthday?! That is so, so awesome! :D THANK YOU for sharing a GIF our dear DT; I will never, ever, see enough of those! ♥

  6. No contest, definitely! Lupin is the ultimate teacher and one that I aspire to be someday. I didn't know you shared a birthday!! Way cool!

  7. Remus always holds a special place in my heart. I don't know why, but there is something about him - I think he would be my favorite teacher too.

  8. I agree on both counts! Lupin is such a magnificent teacher and one that the students trusted as well. He won their loyalty which was something I'm not sure any of the other teachers did. "Moody" as well taught them a lot to help against the Death Eaters. How odd though, right? That the one in disguise actually gave them some powerful knowledge. I guess he really had to in order to fool Dumbldore, but it's strange he never tried to get them to like the dark ways at all.


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