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Harry Potter MotW #76

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Worst Harry Potter Death

I debated a lot which way to go with this question, since it seems like there could be more than one possible answer. And let's face it: there are A LOT of deaths to choose from within the series *sniff* So I decided to highlight three deaths from the series that could fit the bill, depending on how you approach the question. Are we talking worst death as in most cringe inducing? Then Snape's easily takes the cake. Dying at the jaws of Nagini was truly awful, I can't think of anyone deserving of that. Even Snape.

If we're talking worst death as in most tragic, then obviously, I'd go with Sirius' death.  I will never be ok with him dying, not completely. I JUST WANTED HARRY TO HAVE SOMEONE GODAMMIT *sobs*  And I love his character so, so much ♥

Also, the worst Harry Potter death could also relate to Harry Potter specifically...I mean, the boy did 'die' an awful lot O.O In this case, I'd pick the time when he was just a baby, because what kind of monster tries to kill a BABY?!?  Voldemort. That' who. D:


  1. All brutal choices Micheline! I agree that Snape's was the most cringe-worthy, I was more a mess watching it than reading it though. Alan Rickman is amazing! Both Sirius and Dumbledore were extraordinarily painful as well, like you said, can Harry not have one parental figure in his life stay alive? Honestly:)

  2. For me, worst one was definitely Sirius! I wish Harry kept a touch with his family through his godfather... That was really just plain cruel! :X
    Or Hedwig, or Fred, or Lupin and Tonks... UGH.

  3. Interesting way of breaking down the subject! I agree about Snape's death at Nagini's fangs as it were. Ugh! *shudders* I can't handle snakes at all, so this is up there on worst nightmares for me.

    Here's my HP MOTW...

  4. All three of these deaths are awful. Just thinking about the deaths in Harry Potter eats me up because they are all just so sad, even the characters that just sort of get cast aside or very briefly mentioned. Frank Bryce, oh man his death was bad.

  5. Eugh, to die by Nagini! How horrible! :(

  6. Sirius- we'll never forget you! ❤ It was horrible whenever Harry lost anybody close to him, but to have his godfather taken away so soon after being reunited with him? Unthinkable. Sirius was absolutely the worst HP death for me. :(

  7. Zane had to turn his head when Nagini went at Snape in the movies. That one was really bad. Sirius is amazing, and his loss is one we definitely all hated. I like that you mention Harry here though, and that the kind of person alright with killing a baby is the BIG BAD in this book. He really had no problem doing anything to further his gain.

  8. SNAPE *cries* He has always been my favorite character, so the fact that he died in the first place was heart-breaking. But then he also had to die in a horrible way and just *shivers* His death always gets to me.

    I agree though, Sirius was by far the most painful one, because Harry lost another important person in his life. If there was one death I wish Rowling would reverse, it would be Sirius.

  9. All these deaths are the reason the Harry Potter series has killed my heart, especially Serius's. I don't think I will ever accept Serius's death because it's just so tragic and heartbreaking! Harry was going to have a home, with a father figure he could look up to and people who love him and then J. K was like NOPE. It's just too sad!

    I agree with Snape's death, that would be a horrible way to die. Out of all of the deaths in this book, that death would be the second worst way to die.It's just second, in my mind, to being tortured by Voldermort.

  10. Warning, this post will call up the FEELS. Seriously though, this question. I know I was upset with Snape's death, pretty sure I shed some tears. Trying to remember Sirius's death and I'm not getting the same amount of emotion, although it was sad too. I was upset about Hedwig's death too, I don't think it was completely necessary.

  11. Ah yes, you can take this in different ways. For me the worst deaths, the ones that personally destroyed me because they were close to Harry were Sirius and Dumbledore (and his other parental figures, of course). I'm just glad he didn't lose Hagrid and Mr. Weasley too :/


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