Thursday, January 22, 2015

Harry Potter MotW #74

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Best Spot to Chill at Hogwarts

Oh, to be able to attend Hogwarts. To get to explore all it's little nooks and crannies.  To find your favorite spot in the common room and make it your own. To have your own bed to call home. To dine in the Great Hall and attend classes and just wander around...that's my idea of heaven.

All swooning and dreaming aside though, the best spot to chill at Hogwarts proper is a bit of a toss-up for me. My initial thought is (obviously):

The Library

And I think my reasons would be fairly obvious: Books!  All of the books!  I can just imagine snuggling up in a quiet corner and reading the days away.  And it wouldn't be like Hermione always heading out there on her own. No, in my mind, we'd ALL be at Hogwarts and I'm pretty sure we'd all make good use of the library ;-D

But then I thought about it, and sure the library would be my favorite place to hang out, but as far as really chilling goes, there doesn't seem to be anyplace better than:

The House Common Rooms

..because well, look at them^^  Comfy chairs, fireplaces roaring, all the comforts of home in one convenient place.  I've always been partial to Ravenclaw's common room (because books) and indeed that house and Hufflepuff was where I'd get sorted the most with all those random HP sorting quizzes - until PotterMore sorted me into Gryffindor...but hey I'm not complaining, because that means I get to hang out in the Gryffindor Common Room with my favorite trio ♥


  1. Ah these pictures of common rooms are so lovely! I think library would be a bit tense because of Madam Pince, but lovely nevertheless. I would prefer common rooms though. :)
    Good picks!

  2. Ahh, those common rooms always look so cozy. I'd love to snuggle up at a fire place with a good book <3

  3. Did you go through an identity crisis when sorted into Gyffindor by Pottermore? The Hufflepuff common room looks so bright and happy in the photos!!!

  4. Such pretty artwork of the common rooms! When I wasn't in the library (which would pretty much be ALL the time!), I'd be cozying up by the common room fireplace. With a book, of course, lol!

  5. I thought I'd be in Ravenclaw for sure, but Pottermore placed me in Hufflepuff. It made sense later when I thought about it. Ravenclaw's common room would be amazing. I feel like you'd love the common room of the house you were sorted into as just a point of fact. The library would be great, and you're right we'd all be there, but Madam Pince is so demanding I feel like it wouldn't be as fun as checking those books out and heading back to the arm chairs and fireplaces.

  6. omg how could you choose just ONE hand out place! I totally agree that just to be anywhere anyplace at Hogwarts would be a dream come true. I would also have loved to chill in the Room of Requirement before it was destroyed. And oh, those illustrations of the common rooms are SO spot-on! I love them all.

  7. I want to be in these common rooms! Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff but then I retook and it sorted me into Ravenclaw which I thought I was. I do think I'm a mix of both of them though! :)

    Wendy @ Book Scents


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