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Harry Potter MotW #72

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Biggest Betrayal in the Series

This question made me think quite a bit.  My brain started small, thinking about all the times  Ron betrays Harry.  Then I went to Percy betraying his family, Seamus Finnigan betraying Harry in OotP....all the way to Snape betraying the Potters to Voldemort. In my mind though, one betrayal is worst than all the others and stood out above all the others:

Pettigrew selling out the Potters

He was their friend...and he betrayed them.  HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!!
- Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban 

Sure, Harry said those famous words^^ when he thought Sirius Black had betrayed his parents, but the sentiment stands.  Pettigrew was a dear friend of the Potters, and he sold them out to Voldemort. That, to me, is the worst kind of betrayal.  You'd expect that sort of thing from a Death Eater.  NOT from one of your close friends, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix to boot!  Despite all the times Ron ditches Harry, he NEVER would have sold Harry (or anyone) out to Voldemort. Snape's betrayal was a biggie too, but he then spends the rest of his life protecting Harry; to me that redeems him (somewhat). Pettigrew simply never rights his wrong -  his minor hesitation towards Harry at the end there  doesn't cut it for me, sorry. I've always hated that rat Peter, so to me he deserves this...honor. Asshat!


  1. Yes! I felt like this really was the ultimate of betrayal. And I think they showed in the movie just how unfeeling he really was about the whole thing. For all his sniveling and whining, that moment where he smirks and waves at Harry before transforming... ugh. I hate that. That's the real Peter and I want to smack that look off his face. He really has no remorse, so I feel no sympathy for him later either. Here's my HP MOTW.

  2. I am such a bad person. This one did not even occur to me and it's by far the worst one! Even worse than the one I picked. *ashamed*
    This is so unforgivable. And after all that time that they suffered his slimy ass in school. -.- What a little piece of crap. :L
    Awesome pick though!

  3. Ooh I forgot about Percy!

    Like I told Lee, mine is Snape pretending to be the bad guy. That's a betrayal to me. All those time wasted hating him when I should be loving him instead. Huhuhuhuhu!

  4. I absolutely agree with you. Peter's betrayal is the catalyst for most of the heartbreaking, gut-wrenching moments in this series. I feel no remorse for him in any way because everything he did was to cover his own butt. There was never a moment when Peter did something selflessly, he had an agenda and that made him a coward.

  5. Wormtail totally deserved his nickname, and I couldn't muster an iota of sympathy for him in DH. In fact, I thought he should have met a fate even worse than the one he did. :/

  6. And not to forget Ron was acting weird because he was wearing the locket & he immediately regretted his decision. Peter was just a coward who did everything to save his own skin. If he had been brave enough, Harry's life would have looked so different.

  7. Isn't the hesitation itself from a magical life-debt that he owes Harry and not a feeling of obligation? I remember Dumbledore saying he could count on that later on like it was more of a magical impact than a conscience one. He's absolutely sickening! I love that quote, and you're right, at the time he thought he was talking about someone else, but it still stands. He was their FRIEND! It's gross.

  8. Agreed! I had expected Peter to redeem himself more in DH and then he never does really (a moment of hesitation - bah! Coward.). One of the most deplorable characters in HP.


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