Thursday, December 18, 2014

Harry Potter MotW #71

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Best Minerva McGonagall line

I've been looking forward to this topic since the moment I saw it on the topic list.  Minerva McGonagall is BOSS.  She's a no-nonsense woman, a brilliant role-model and an absolutely EPIC witch.  Pretty much all the moment's she's in are memorable, whether they be snarky moments, or heart-warming ones, but one particular scene always come to mind when I think of her at her best. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the films (big surprise) but it will always be my personal favorite:
‘I've been sent to see you,’ said Harry stiffly.  
‘Sent? What do you mean, sent?’  
He held out the note from Professor Umbridge. Professor McGonagall took it from him, frowning, slit it open with a tap of her wand, stretched it out and began to read. Her eyes zoomed from side to side behind their square spectacles as she read what Umbridge had written, and with each line they became narrower.  
‘Come in here, Potter.’  
He followed her inside her study. The door closed automatically behind him.  
‘Well?’ said Professor McGonagall, rounding on him. ‘Is it true?’  
‘Is what true?’ Harry asked, rather more aggressively than he had intended. ‘Professor?’ he added, in an attempt to sound more polite. 
‘Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?’  
‘Yes,’ said Harry.  
‘You called her a liar?’ 
You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?’  
Professor McGonagall sat down behind her desk, frowning at Harry. Then she said, ‘Have a biscuit, Potter.’  
‘Have – what?’  
‘Have a biscuit,’ she repeated impatiently, indicating a tartar tin lying on top of the piles of papers on her desk. ‘And sit down.’

And here's a fan-made edit with someof the highlights of this scene, for my more visual peeps:


  1. Hahaha, I love that moment! McGonnagall is an awesome character

  2. Hahaha, yes, she has such a subtle form of humor. I like how she is always fair without being too harsh on people. She is honest and such a badass.

  3. LOVE THIS ONE so much hahaha :D Pissed myself laughing, mostly during the entire book she's just so awesome :D Defying and insulting Umbridge in the most subtle ways had me laughing my ass off :D
    Great pick!

  4. Love this exchange between Harry and McGonagall, particularly when she tells him to have a biscuit, lol! The first time I read it, I wasn't sure what her reaction to Harry's outburst in Umbridge's class was going to be; I still marvel at how priceless it was! :D

  5. Hahahaha yes! So much yes! I adore her so much ♡♡♡. She made me want to go to Hogwarts. She demanded so much respect :).

  6. Yes! This is such a great scene. I re-read it the first time through because I wasn't sure I caught that right either. She's really trying to teach Harry something in the rest of this moment that he's just not catching on to until later. I feel like she would be my absolute favorite teacher at Hogwarts though I adore Hagrid (I'm not sure I would love having him as a teacher). I was always drawn to those no-nonsense teachers through my school life. Great pick :D


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