Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Harry Potter MotW #69

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite Magical Pet

Ahhhh ♥  I love the magical animals in the Harry Potter world!  I feel like I could never, ever limit myself to just bringing one pet to Hogwarts with me.  On the one hand, I'd want an owl, cause they're dead useful.  I'd want my own special guy bringing me my correspondences and I've always been partial to the fiesty black owl Sirius uses in the GoF film - the one who takes a bite out of Harry:
 PS- careful the bird bites.   
...On the other hand, I can not even imagine heading out to Hogwarts and not having a cat with me. And considering I currently have two, I'd want to bring them both.  O.O  Might as well start my own menagerie at Hogwarts!

  My little guy Nox, named after the incantation Lumos/Nox. Since he's black, it seemed fitting.  And my little lady Jazz.


  1. I want a Phoenix <3 He could do the same work as an owl, but is just a little more awesome, haha.

  2. Awww! Nox and Jazz are too cute! ❤ Sirius seems to have had a knack for choosing owls, since he also gave Pigwidgeon, who I thought was adorable, to Ron. :D

  3. Oh how adorable! The name is very fitting. I would definitely want to take them with me as well. I used to have a cat named Karma that was very special to me, but I had to send her to another home when Zane's dad and I split up. I really enjoyed that part with the owl that bites. I don't think Harry thought it was very funny though LOL


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