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Harry Potter MotW #65

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Could you ever double as a spy like Snape?

Full disclosure? I'm one of those people that have never been able to fully forgive, or swoon over Snape and the sacrifices he made as a spy. He played his role too well I guess and 'after all this time' he basically admitted to never, ever growing to care for Harry at all. Yeah. Seeing as Harry himself is my ultimate favorite hero and character of all time, that's something I just cannot accept on a basic level. 

However. That being said... I do fully recognize and admire the risks he took, day in, day out to accomplish what needed to be done.  It takes a very special kind of bravery and his dedication to the thing HAD to be a b s o l u t e . One tiny mistake could have cost him more than we probably could ever imagine. (But seriously though - imagine for a second how Voldemort would have reacted had he found out about this deception while Snape was alive. I got chills just thinking about it o.O *shudder* )

So no, to answer the question, I seriously don't think I could ever accomplish what Snape did. Not for a second.


  1. I basically said the some thing. I would either crack under the pressure or my inability to hid my emotions would give me away. I am an open book and am terrible at hiding my emotions.

    I agree with you, while I fully admired him and his sacrifices I have yet to fully forgive him. I know to keep up impressions he needed to be mean to Harry, but he did it to well and he did not need to be mean to all of the other kids. When reading the series I could handle him being mean to Harry because Harry could take it and had his friends to lean on, but I absolutely hated Snape when he was being a jerk to Nevile. He made Nevile cry on so many occasions and I hated him in those scenes!

  2. I totally agree with you on Snape and his behavior, and his actions towards Harry. It was all pretty selfish and one-sided. What would happen if Harry was actually Henriette, looking dead like Lily?
    I think it would take too long and too much work, and some serious background for us to master this role...

  3. I totally agree with you on not being "won over" by Snape. He was just too much of a jerk to give him blanket forgiveness. That being said, I do give him so much more respect after having been given the full story. I think I would be pretty good at Occlumency (I'm pretty good at keeping my thoughts to myself), but I don't think I could handle the pressure that he was under all the time. He was much braver than I had originally credited him. Talk about being truly alone. Here's my HP MOTW.

  4. I actually disagree with you. Him hating Harry so much made his sacrifice all the more admirable to me. Without him, Voldemort would never have been defeated and Harry would have been dead on many occasions. His story broke my heart the most!

    Love this post <3
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

  5. Before all of the HP books were out, I remember some readers conjecturing that Snape was really a good guy and spying on Voldemort and the Death Eaters. I didn't give him the benefit of the doubt back then exactly because he was so good at what he did, and the way he treated Harry...NOT OK at all. I would have failed at doing what Snape did for many reasons, a big one being I never would have been able to act cruelly towards Harry Potter!

  6. I can completely see why people feel like that. He's such an anti-hero haha. I don't agree with how he treated Harry but I can also see why he was the way he was. I'm with you as well on not being able to do what he did! xx

  7. I love Snape. I understand those like you though that can't get past how nasty he always to Harry but I like him for the love and devotion that he showed to Lily after all those years and everything that he actually contributed for Dumbledore to the cause. He can't like Harry due to James so I'm ok with that. I feel the same about all that he did. I would never be able to fill those shoes.

  8. I don't think I could handle all the stress and nerves it would bring. I think I would be able to lie and to stay in my role, but some day I would just collapse under all the weight and difficulties it would bring. Also, when everyone sees him as the bad guy; I don't think I could handle that. I want people to like me, so I don't think I could put myself in such a position.

  9. Very well said. I despised Snape right up to Deathly Hollows when I finally understood him. Being 12, I didn't swoon, I don't think I ever will. What I did was respect him, and I do so even today. I think he was a very brave character like you said and I would be outed in a minute if I were a spy :P



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