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Harry Potter MotW #60

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Most Cringe Inducing Scene

I guess the answers this week could depend on what exactly makes us cringe.  It could be something gross, like Dumbledore's blackened hand in HBP (yuck!) It could be something uncomfortable, like Snape being bullied by James and Sirius as seen in his memories in HBP.  Then  again, it could be something that makes you cringe because it's revolting and just too horrible to think about, like Voldemort getting his body back at the end of GoF *shudders*  For me, when I think of cringing in the Harry Potter series, two moments come to mind as being the most cringe-worthy moments:

Harry's arm getting 'healed' by Lockhart

Ron's 'slug' curse backfiring on him

There's just something about Lockhart that makes you cringe, am I right? The second dear old Gilderoy walked up to Harry and said he'd 'fix' his arm, I was already prepared for the worst.  We all knew it was going to be bad!  That scene always makes me cringe because it's a disaster waiting to happen.  You can't look away though but man when that arm turns to jello and starts flopping around? Bleh!  Terrible.


And then in the very same year, poor Ron gets the short end of the stick when his broken wand ends up backfiring and the curse that Malfoy really deserved rebounces on Ron and has him blowing chunks of slugs for the better part of a day.  Yuuuuck.  Every time he raises his wand, I'm already dreading what's coming. So gross >.<


  1. Poor, poor Ron. Must be terrible to have those slugs in your mouth *shivers* And yes, the moment Lockhart came running towards Harry you KNEW something bad was going to happen. I loved that flopping part in the movie, haha, and the look on Harry's face when his complete arm is folded, priceless.

  2. I mentioned both these scenes as well but opted for another in the end. Still, these two are pretty up top! I mean really, that hand... Ugh. And snails!!! Oh my word that is absolutely gross :X
    Also, eating that gillyweed that was all slimy and stuff (if I remember correctly)... Ew!

  3. Urgh, both of these moments are so cringe-worthy! Ron's is definitely a disgusting cringe (I can't think of anything else at the moment from the series that has quite this much of an ick-factor) but also, it sucks because he was just trying to defend his friend. Then the one with my nemesis Lockhart, grrr. He's so awful, and Harry is always the one to suffer for it. He is the subject of my HP MOTW as well.

  4. AHH! Yes, I completely forgot about some of those, but cringed all over again when you mentioned them. The black hand...yes...ugh! The bullying was so repulsive. Ole Voldy's body I think all of us wish we could erase the image of from our minds. The two you chose overall to go with! EEEKK Lockhart and that arm. Poor Harry took it like a champ though. Then Ron and the slugs....Malfoy absolutely deserved that curse. Thankfully, it wore off before too long, but that was disgusting. Great choices!! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. OMG, when Lockhart bent Harry's arm back in the movie, the visual really drove home how ewww-provoking that scene was. The Skele-Gro stuff Harry had to drink afterwards also made me cringe, lol. I'm not a fan of slugs, so I absolutely winced when poor Ron's curse backfired.

  6. Oh great choices! I think the first scene that comes to mind when I think of "cringe-worthy" is when Malfoy stamps on Harry's nose in HBP. I was so used to seeing Malfoy get his comeuppance in the series, but when it was turned on its head and Malfoy had the upper hand to harm and humiliate Harry, I remember genuinely cringing!


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