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Harry Potter MotW #59

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Least Favorite Book

Now before I even begin to answer, I feel like I ought to clarify: I adore ALL the books in the Harry Potter Series.  Like anyone else I have favorites, but I would NOT discard even the smallest bit of of any one of these books.  To me, all of them are absolute perfection.  That being said, I have a compulsive need to sort things, make lists, and pick favorites so I've always known which of the books in the series are my most favorite, and, in this case, which is my least favorite book:

Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets starts off on a high note, with Harry being whisked away to The Burrow. (♥) This is where we meet up with Dobby for the first time and we have the uber-cool mystery of who -or what is Petrifying the students.  Ginny finally joins Hogwarts as a student herself, we learn of her adorable crush on Harry and then she gets saved by the boy himself!  Sounds awesome right?  Well it is.  Except...
Except, I've always felt so bad that Harry turns into public enemy number one for the first time, at such a young age. It pains me to see how others lose faith in him so quickly but at the same time how can you blame them.  He speaks Parseltongue in front of everyone and keeps freaking showing up whenever the snake strikes.  It isn't the last time Harry becomes an outcast, but to me this time always seems worst.  And seeing that this is the second book in the series, I find that the trio hasn't matured much from how they were in the first book.  They're still kids after all but at the same time, knowing how epic the series gets as it goes, I always find myself looking forward to getting into the darker, grittier stuff.


  1. I really enjoyed CoS, especially because of the whole mystery deal, where even Harry doubted himself and his abilities, and thought maybe he is the cause of all problems. I was most annoyed by Lockhart :X
    I loved the Burrow part, it's among my all-time favorites :D So cute :D

  2. I always found CoS a very funny book and I loved the revelation about the Hogwarts founders and Fawkes and even Moaning Myrtle and the mystery that brought us back to her and it wasn't as bad as in GoF where everyone turned against Harry once again, because in this book, at least, he had both Ron and Hermione on his side.

  3. I just reread CoS and I like it, but it is my 2nd least favorite book in the series. It contains my least favorite chapter in the series "The Death Day Party" (I really can't explain why I don't like it).
    It is horrible when the school turns against him, but I love Fred & George's reactions. "Make way for the heir of Slytherine. Really dark wizard coming through here." It's just kind of awesome.

  4. This is my pick too! Of all the books, this is the one I feel the most 'meh' about. Here's my HP MOTW.

  5. Aww that's really good reasoning. I feel like you've put your finger right on it here. CoS is my least fave for similar reasons. That and I felt like it dragged in so many places and people were just so quick to point the finger at Harry!

  6. It's so true, Harry is 12 when the school turns against him. It's heart-breaking if you think about it, which you clearly have. There are some good moments in this book but that does make it sad.

  7. Poor Harry's ostracism made me cringe. Ranking the HP books, I'd also place CoS lower on the list because of ALL the freaking spiders. Just . . . EWWWWWW!!!

  8. I completely forgot about that in this one Harry becomes everyone's suspect and he gets put through the ringer. That might have some bearing on why it's my least favorite also. Ginny as well, though I loved her in this one, I adore her more later on when she's more herself. I loved reading your reasoning! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  9. Hmm yeah, this is a tricky question because I tend to view the series as a whole as one, unseparated epic story. But I think if I absolutely had to choose my least favourite, then maybe I would go with CoS too. Just in general, for me I fell more and more in love with the series so in my mind the best books are nearer the end of the series and the "weakest" at the beginning. And I also remember feeling so awful for Harry when he ends up this outcast with almost everyone against him :(


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