Thursday, September 4, 2014

Harry Potter MotW #58

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite Editions of the Books

This is a tough one.  It seems like there are like a ton of gorgeous covers to choose from with these books - especially when you consider both the U.K. and U.S. editions... and the fact that the series has a variety of both children's and adult covers.  We all have our favorite(s) and I couldn't narrow mine down any more than this:

Bloomsbury Adult Edition (U.K.)

This is the set that I own and I remember seeking these covers out specifically as I was buying the books.  I was in my early 20's then and thought I was 'too old" for the children's editions or something I guess ;-)  Actually I just thought it was really cool that Harry Potter, widely considered as children's lit had adult covers as well.  I've always thought these ^^ were really cool looking, how they each highlight one specific item or location that's important to the story.  My favorites among these are DH and OotP.

Original Scholastic Edition (U.S.)

Being from Canada, the U.S. covers are far more commonplace than any other ones, so these^^ were everywhere, and while I didn't feel the need to own them when they were coming out, I've gotten a bit sentimental about them... and now I want to own a set with these covers too.  I think my favorite aspect about these is the bright, vivid colours.  The earlier books in the set aren't my favorites but I adore HBP...the green, and that scene with Harry and just looks incredibly magical to me ♥  I'm also partial to DH because Harry looks inherently heroic on it - and the blue OotP cover is pretty sweet too!

Scholastic 15th Anniversary Edition

Out of all the new/anniversary covers to come out recently, these ones^^ are my favorite.  And with these, I actually prefer the earlier book covers; my favorites being CoS - how welcoming does the Burrow look there?! - PS, because of Diagon Alley and Hagrid, and PoA (PATRONUS!) I really want to own all of these sets.  If only I had a secret vault in Gringotts xD


  1. I have the same! I love adult ones, I love US ones because like you said they are really vivid and nicely drawn, much nicer than UK ones where Harry looks so weird... *shudders*

    The new ones are pretty as well, but I love it most for the spines and the case! Plus the colors on the new ones are amazing as well! I love vivid covers. :D

  2. The UK adult covers are so cool! I'm a little partial to the original US covers because those are the ones I have, lol, but the 15th anniversary ones are so, so pretty! There have been many moments when I've given serious thought to adding that set to my collection too. :)

  3. Scholastic 15th Anniversary Edition; I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE *pets covers* So pretty, but at the moment I can't buy them. I already own two sets :')

  4. It's interesting that you say that the US editions were far more commonplace in Canada. I don't know, that wasn't the case in Alberta anyways. I only ever saw the US editions online, otherwise the editions you could get in the store were all Canadian, with the UK covers. But oh I could just stare at all these pretties for days! I also like a lot of the foreign editions because they're just so funky. How amazing would it be to own all the editions, on their own bookcase?! Dreams...


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