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Harry Potter MotW #53

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Most Inspirational Moment/Passage

Woah.  This is another time when I feel like there are just too many moments AND passages to chose from. Instantly, my mind goes to the infamous 'The Forest Again' chapter from Deathly Hallows highlighting Harry's amazing courage and sacrifice...but man, I must have used that bit like 50 times now.  I think you all get how much I adore that particular moment now.  So... I guess I'll just have to pick my other favorite moments from DH! ;-D

The Wandmaker

To me, this entire chapter is so unbelievably poignant. With the loss of poor Dobby, Harry finds some much needed perspective.  He finally stops being angry for the things about Dumbledore that he never knew, and instead focuses on the man he did know.  He trusted Dumbledore and so he finally trusts him completely again.  He makes a huge decision to let go of his desire for Hallows and continue on with the mission that Dumbledore had entrusted him with: finding Horcruxes.  He makes his peace with the loss of his biggest inspiration and with all his strength, he carries on. ♥

And since it wouldn't seem right if I didn't give more than one answer every.single.time. Here's another favorite moment of mine:

King's Cross

It was a very special treat that Harry got to speak with Dumbledore again.  Throughout DH I longed for Harry to be able to ask his mentor some questions, discuss everything they'd shared and make peace with how things had changed.  I was over the moon when King's Cross made it possible.  Dumbledore was very truthful and so very sweet as he admitted his worst failings to Harry, and especially when he praised The Boy Who Lived on being everything Dumbledore himself couldn't be. And after everything, he still gave Harry one last choice.  Go on from here or return to war, one last time and end it all. *sobs* And his words inspire Harry to once again make the bravest choice and return into battle. Perfection.


  1. Both great picks! I liked that 'death' scene even though it was rather unclear what exactly was it. Like a limbo? Who knows. I was really glad Dumbledore wouldn't judge Harry if he took the easy way out and went on with him into the everafter or whatever wizards have. I think I'd chose that. It'd be bad but seeing how I'd go through all Harry did, I'd be glad for a break. But then again, I'd be selfish enough to not want to leave others behind, friends, love, you name it. I think that might propel me back, not seeking justice. :L Who knows.

  2. Oh god. Actual tears reading this one! WHY DOES POTTER MAKE ME SO EMOTIONAL?! Such brilliant picks and I love your reasonings behind them too. I was so glad when Harry finally made peace with Dumbledore. I hated that part of DH. It absolutely broke my heart after evyerthing that had happened. I didn't enjoy learning some uncomfortable truths about our fave headmaster either.

    Brilliant picks! xx

  3. Those two moments are amazing. When Dobby dies it's just such a sobering moment and I cried in the cinema! Harry also realizes how much is at stake and it's such an amazing moment for Dobby as well, to be able to save his friends. I was really glad as well when Harry "made up" with his memories about Dumbledore because everyone needs a hero and inspiration, and Dumbledore was definitely that for Harry! I loved the scene in King's Cross. In the book I couldn't completely make sense of it until I reread it again, but when I saw it in a cinema in London everyone laughed at King's Cross being clean!
    Great choices :)
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  4. During the two movies, I appreciated how Dobby was the focus in the end of the first one and the beginning-ish of the second one. It certainly left me really emotional. When Dumbledore and Harry's scene came on in the book, I was so, so relieved to finally have someone for Harry to ask questions with because throughout the book he was basically alone. Love your picks!

  5. I feel like I've picked "The Forest Again" a ton of times, too, lol. But it's sooooo AMAZING, and man, does that chapter make me cry hard every time I read it! (I also bawl during the scene in the movie when Harry talks to his parents, Sirius, and Lupin.) Harry's chat with Dumbledore in Kings Cross is also incredibly poignant and totally fulfilled my wish to see the two of them together again. Wonderful picks, Micheline! :D

  6. It always makes me sad how angry Harry is at Dumbledore in this book. I'm glad that he is able to come to terms with everything and just accept the Dumbledore that he did know. It was great learning some of Dumbledore's backstory and seeing him again at Kings Cross.
    Great picks!


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