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Harry Potter MotW #52

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Best 'Ron' Moment

Ahhh Ron Weasley, it seems to me like the poor guy is so underrated! I think it's because people tend to remember his moments of weakness, when he puts his own issues ahead of his friendship with Harry - and his loyalty to the cause.  I've always thought that having been compared to all his older brothers and his gifted little sister would have been awfully tough on the guy.  Being a part of a big family sometimes means slipping through the cracks for some kids and clearly Ron had a hard time differentiating himself from the pack.  It makes me sad though that people forget all the brave moments Ron's had throughout the series, so I've taken it upon myself to highlight some:

That epic chess game

Setting out with the twins to rescue Harry from Privet Dr

Facing a debilitating phobia by 'following the spiders'

Willingly entering the Chamber of Secrets (twice!)

And my favorite:
Saving a drowning Harry, facing what was in the Horcrux and destroying it!


  1. Ron makes mistakes, but he's always there when it matters like saving Harry from being drowned by the Horcrux. All of those are great scenes :)

  2. Following the spiders! I felt so sorry for him, because imagine being surrounded by the creepy things you fear. 'Why not follow the butterflies?' Haha. Poor guy.

  3. Chess game and destroying of the horcrux are both among my absolute favorites by Ron, I this he was brilliant both times. I also love his devotion and bravery, and that saving of Harry in CoS in the summer was awesome. At least Harry had some fun in the summer. :)
    Awesome picks!

  4. All such great moments. I am terrified of spiders so I really felt for Ron having to face that. The horcrux scene was awful for him as well, but I love that he got Harry safe from that freezing water and choking locket. If the Mirror of Erised shows you what you truly desire, that locked showed him everything he would hate to be true. I will have to say the chess game is the shining moment for me because only Ron could do it. Excellent picks :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. Ron has so many great moments in the books. I absolutely love the chess game scene. All these early scene where the characters show incredible bravery and courage is astounding to me. I forget that they are just 11 and when I remember it baffles me that these guys are so strong.

  6. The rescue from Privet Drive- YES! If it hadn't been for Ron and the twins, poor Harry would have been trapped in his room for who knows how long! I felt so bad for Ron when he got the Howler from Mrs. Weasley, but I couldn't help laughing a little, either. Great picks, Micheline! :D

  7. Awww, I love you for this. EXACTLY!! I personally think a lot of Ron's bad rep came from the movies. Rupert's such a fantastic comedic actor that I really can't blame them for wanting to take advantage of that, but does that really mean that they had to take many of Ron's best, most courageous lines from the book and give them to Hermione in the movie? Grrr...

  8. I bloody love how you've done this post :D. I'm definitely guilty for harping on at Ron for being a misery guts, but I agree. We should all give the guy some slack! He works hard!

  9. I feel really bad, because I'm definitely guilty of not appreciating Ron enough! I think I've got a lot better, and I partially blame the fact that when I was waiting for later books to come out, I'd live my Harry Potter love through browsing and so many of the fanfics are Ron-bashing!

    I definitely think he grew up so much throughout the books too, and the moment when he comes back - brilliant. I love the picture you've picked with him and the Horcrux!


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