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Harry Potter MotW #51

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Bravest Character Moment

I *almost* feel like for me, all the Harry moments should be eliminated, since I gush and rave about him all the time...and I've probably highlighted his bravest moments a million times...buuut I can't bring myself in doing so.  So, forgive me for repeating myself but I had to pick:

The Forest Again

Yup.  #sorrynotsorry, but knowingly sacrificing yourself to save your friends and loved ones is kind of hard to top. Read: impossible to top. Harry is and forever will be my hero and the bravest wizard ever.

Ok, since I love you guys so much and I don't want you to come over and read the same stuff time and time again, I decided to highlight some other favorite character's bravest moments:

Ron: following Harry on every crazy quest since day one.  Playing a wicked game of chess. Rescuing Harry from Privet Drive.  Facing those spiders - which were his PHOBIA by the way.  Destroying a Horcrux. Willingly venturing into the Chamber of Secrets (twice).

Hermione: again, following Harry since day one and facing most of the terrors he did.  Figuring out that the Basilisk was petrifying students (ON HER OWN, with only a mirror and a library!) Voluntarily going into the Shrieking Shack. Making excellent use of her Time-Turner. Getting the idea to form the D.A. Destroying a Horcrux.

Sirius: Facing & surviving the death of his best friends AND then Azkaban.  Being a member of the Order of the Phoenix.  Being brave enough to be himself (and a Gryffindor) when his entire family were dark wizards.  Risking everything to talk to Harry, help Harry, visit him and even going straight into the Ministry to save him *sobs*

Dumbledore: Gathering intel on Tom Riddle. Living every day knowing he might have ended his sister's life. Not bowing down to Fudge or the Ministry.  Facing/fighting/denying Voldemort time and time again. Voluntarily dying to make sure his plan to take down evil succeeded.

Lupin: Facing every damn day as a werewolf. And THEN facing losing all his dearest friends in one single night (death Azkaban). Risking his life time and time again to fight evil.  Allowing himself to be loved and have a family.  Trusting Dumbledore and Harry until the very end.

Neville: Living his life knowing what was done to his parents and being unfairly compared to them. Standing up to his friends so they don't get Gryffindor in trouble again :)  Letting go of all his fears and making an incredible amount of progress as a wizard.  Offing Nagini and destroying a Horcrux in the process.

I could go on and on...


  1. I love that you highlighted a bunch of different characters. And I agree Harry's moment in the forest is arguably the bravest moment in the entire series. Sacrificing himself for his loved ones is by definition selfless and courageous. I like that you highlighted Lupin's life as well, because man, he had a tough one and yet he continuously showed bravery in everyday life.

  2. The chess game is a totally excellent example for Ron!!

  3. I loved that you talked about so many characters. I immediately thought of Sirius for some reason, even before Harry....I'm not sure why he came to mind first but he did. I super love his character. I also feel like a lot of non-Gryffindors had some serious bravery moments: Malfoy, Snape, Dobby, and even little Tom Riddle. I think maybe one of the best things about these books is that so much is asked of each character and they all have to be brave to accomplish what needs to go down.

  4. So many amazing moments! I agree with Harry being impossible to top, but the rest come pretty close. Especially Ron and Hermione for always being there. It's sad how Ron always felt second best when he was just as brilliant as Harry. :)
    Awesome moments!

  5. Ron and the spiders! Great mention - it's not a huge world-changing moment of bravery, but it's very definitely brave. I completely sympathise with his phobia - I'm completely phobic of wasps (honestly, my heart rate goes through the roof just looking at a picture of a wasp) and I genuinely don't think I could voluntarily follow a trail of them...let alone deal with what would come next!

    So many great moments here (and don't worry, we understand the need to rave about the best moments!)

  6. Poor Ron when he faces the giant spiders! I'm arachnophobic myself, and I still can't watch those scenes in the movie. I also love Lupin and Sirius. With what those man have had to go through in their lives, they still turned out amazing people

  7. LOVE your list, especially all the Sirius moments. ;) It is amazing how he persevered through so much adversity- his childhood, losing his best friend who was like a brother to him, and his imprisonment in Azkaban. Absolutely love him!

  8. Heh, well you had to do it! Like you say, it's pretty impossible to top that! There's no need to apologize for it. You're right, this list could have go on and on with many, many brave character moments because Jo seems to value bravery above all. I really love the moments you chose here though. I would add to Hermione's bravest moments erasing herself from her parents' memories so that they no longer remember she exists just to keep them safe *tear* Dobby also had a number of really immensely courageous moments which I love.

  9. I just got so many shivers from reading your post! I agree with absolutely everything that you've said here! One I'd have to add is Snape for being Dumbledore's man through and through, for being a spy in the midst of the most sadistic bunch of wizards. *Shudders*


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