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Harry Potter MotW #50

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Scariest Magical Creature

As usual, our lovely and talented Miss Rowling has given us a multitude of scary magical creatures to choose from.  Fluffy the three-headed GIANT dog for one. Eeep.  Not to mention the Acromantula *shudders*, werewolves, dragons (that horntail...right nasty piece of work.) and those horrible Blast-Ended Skrewts - especially by the time Harry made it to the maze. Once again though, I find myself agreeing with Harry himself, because I pick:



The thing is: Harry faced Voldemort, THE most powerful dark wizard the world has ever know. BUT he was not only terrified of the Dementors, they still managed to stop him from conjuring a Patronus at times; like in DH.  That scared me more than anything I think.  Well that and the fact that Harry's Boggart was a Dementor.  Instead of, you know: The Dark Lord! o_O


  1. These are gross and scary and I doubt I'd be able to perform a patronus charm when I met one because I'd be a goner before I'd pull my want. I hope we get to learn a patronus on Pottermore and so on, and I want to have one, but meeting one for real would render me useless. They are terrifying!
    A three-headed dog and a giant spider seem lovely at the moment.

  2. Oh yes. Dementors are absolutely terrifying and something I would never, ever want to meet. I'd either freeze in fear or run away screaming like a little girl. Maybe a little of both:) The giant spiders would be equally horrifying for me though. I hate spiders Micheline. Hate them. *dies just thinking about monstrous spiders*

  3. The fact that Harry faced death and still was more afraid of dementors really impressed me as a kid! I loved how Lupin explained it though, of Harry being afraid of fear itself. Such deep books man! I was worried they wouldn't be able to get them right in the movies and then I saw them and just went, nope, they got them alright! Great choice :) I chose the Basilisk!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  4. Dementors seem to be quite a popular choice, and I can understand why! They freak me out too. They're more than physically threatening, they're wholly threatening. Good choice of visuals!

  5. I think I could deal with a Boggart, because it's dealing with your fear and that is something I can handle eventually. But the feeling a Dementor would give me.. just look at all those people in Azkaban, who get insane by their presence. No thanks!

  6. These hideous things are the absolute worst! To be left with no hope and only your worst memories, or should I say nightmares- *shiver* Hmm...I think I'd rather hug a Blast-Ended Skrewt than face a Dementor!

  7. Ah yes, great choice! I think Dementors would not have occurred to me straight off because I think my mind would go straight to scary beasts if asked this question, but I definitely concur now that I've read your response. They're especially scary because they sap your will and motive and even Voldemort can't do that. And if they get close enough they could take your soul too, which we know would be worse than dying O.O

  8. The fact that his boggart was a dementor is really telling. Some things are worse than death to him apparently and reliving his worst moments over and over again as well as losing all happiness is what did it. Dementors are truly terrifying. Excellent pick :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  9. I completely agree with this. Something that could out terrify the Dark Lord is something unfathomable! They freak me out as well because they're based on Rowling's depression; it just makes me shudder all the more xxx


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