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An Ode to Harry Potter, the Character.

Harry Potter Month
Harry Potter Month is a blogger event put together by Faith over at Student Spyglass for the month of
July. For more information visit this link.

So we're at the end of Harry Potter Month and it's truly been brilliant reading everyone's posts and celebrating this life-altering series.  Right from the start I wanted to finish this off by having a post go up on the day of Harry's (and JKR's) Birthday to celebrate him as a character. See, Harry is in fact my favorite character in the series. Yup. I said it.  It's more than that though:  Harry Potter is without a doubt, my all time favorite hero. Of life. Out of all the epic heros I've come across in the hundreds of books I've read, Harry is still the best of the best.

Harry Potter hardly knew anything about himself or his family when he found out he was a wizard at the tender age of eleven. In an instant, his entire world changed and he took it all in stride. After all, it had to be a better life than the one he'd known until then right?  It wasn't long before he found out that his parents had been wizards too and that the darkest wizard of all time had, in fact, murdered his parents. And tried to murder him. After that, Harry pretty much put himself smack dab in the middle of harm's way every year and made it his mission to stop Voldemort - or die trying.  He's the most heroic character ever, but just in case all of that isn't enough, well here are all the other reasons why Harry is MY hero:

* I loved every single aspect about Harry's character.  Yes, even his flaws. I loved him at his worst: when he was being all self-righteous or arrogant or angry or impulsive.  Even when he makes mistakes, I could understand why he thought he was doing the right thing and my heart went out to him. In truth, Harry Potter owns my heart the way no other fictional character ever has before, or ever will again.  I'm convinced of that.

* The losses he suffers early on, combined with his terribly lacking childhood at the hands of The Dursleys should have broken Harry.  Instead his heart is just so full of love and caring it's almost bursting..  He has fierce love and loyalty for his friends and would never think twice about sacrificing himself to keep them safe.

*  In addition to the loss of his parents so early in his life, Harry then continues to lose loved ones, almost every year like clockwork. To me, this could have been enough to make even the strongest wizard lose it, go dark, or just plain give up.   But not Harry. Never Harry.  Nothing ever really broke him, he just kept on fighting the good fight, and never lost focus on his goal.  He never gives up.  NEVER.  How do you NOT get inspired by that?!

*Sassy Harry wins at life.  The movies didn't quite do his sassiness justice, but it is in full display in the books.  I can't count the number of times I laughed out loud when he got all snarky with Ron, Hermione, Snape, Cedric, Neville, Umbridge...the list goes on. Often times, the protagonist of a book doesn't get to have all this sass, but JKR proved she is the queen yet again by making Harry so flipping brilliant.

Harry bringing the sass^^

* Harry just never ever back down from fighting for what is right.  Even in the face of certain defeat, he stands tall and never falters.  He will defend house-elves and save goblins and even risk dying to save even his enemies (Malfoy). He has an incredible sense of morality and what's right, despite how unfairly his childhood years treated him.  I mean, it's not like he learned all about fairness and justice over at The Dursleys!

* Speaking of which, Harry's heroism, self-sacrifice and bravery just blow me away at every single turn. No matter how many times I read the books (7) and how many times I see the films (too many times to count!), his strength of character continue to amaze me.  I regularly tear up just witnessing him put himself in harm's way.  I know he comes of reckless a lot of time but I just see it as him doing everything in his power so no one else dies for of him. *sniff*

* And since we're on the topic of being a hero?  He faced THE most powerful dark wizard of all time, what NINE TIMES?!  And the boy just kept walking away.  AMAZING.

* He also faced death a ton of times and a lot of those times, he faced it knowingly. The most significant one was, of course, when he thought that was what his destiny boiled down to: dying to save everyone else.  And even though that might have been his true faith, he faced it with his head held high. *sobs all the tears*

* For whatever reason, I've never related to a character's inner voice, thoughts and feelings more than I did with Harry.  I felt like I could always understand him, even when he was being irrational.  To me, his reactions, feelings and thoughts were always perfect for whatever situation he was dealing with.  Bottom line: he felt real. His thoughts and actions weren't always right, but they were believable. And to me, that just makes him all the more loveable.

* Harry Potter is everything. That's all there is to it.  He's sassy, stubborn, determined, relentless, arrogant, brave, noble, true, angry, fiery and above all else, a hero.

So, with all this fangirling, did I miss anything? What makes Harry a hero for you?
Share your Harry Potter love with me so we can gush some more ♥

**Happy Birthday Queen J.K. Rowling & The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter**

Also thanks to Faith over at Student Spyglass for organizing Harry Potter Month! xx


  1. Great post oh I how I love Harry Potter. I really need to do a reread of this series which I might because my 9 year old just started the series.

    1. Ditto, and I feel like Harry doesn't get nearly enough credit! And the kiddo reading the series for the FIRST time sounds like a perfect time for a re-read to me ;)

  2. Awesome post! I never saw his as my favorite as I cannot even really pick one, but I always liked Ron more. I understood him more. And I couldn't help but love Hermione, too, so it's always been pretty equal among the three. :)
    I do agree with you who he is and what he faced, and what that makes him. I was often able to understand his anger and sassiness and bitterness as well, and I never really resented him for it.
    His sass and sarcasm though, brilliant! Loved it. I wish it was more clear in the films. :D

    1. I could definitely relate to all three of them too but to me, Harry was always THE one I felt like I understood more. Definitely agree that the way he was to begin with combined with how he faced what he faced really defined him. And yeah I agree that his sass and sarcasm win! That's what will forever make book Harry better than movie Harry :D

  3. So happy I share my birthday with Harry! =D

  4. You outline what a remarkable character Harry is so well. He's not the Superman, absolutely perfect type of hero. He is a real hero that even in a book about magic, readers can relate to. That quote from Dumbledore about knowing the true character of a man by how he treats inferiors had me questioning if Harry ever even thought of someone as an 'inferior' (unless they were evil of course). The kid hung out with sobbing ghosts, house elves, and a student that most other students shunned, Luna Lovegood. He's a remarkable character through and through. Thanks for the great post! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. Thanks Jaclyn! You said it: even though it's about magic, Harry is an extremely relatable character, and I love that about him! And you're SO right, I don't think Harry considered ANY living being as inferior to him. Yet another reason to love him ♥

  5. This was such a lovely post, Micheline! I teared up at that image of Harry about to open the Snitch and use the Resurrection Stone because, you know, "The Forest Again." *sniffles* I loved Harry through all 7 books and all 8 films because he wasn't perfect and he didn't seek any hero-worship; he was just trying to do what he felt in his heart was right and good. Ah Harry- it was such an amazing journey to watch him grow up.

    1. Aww thank you Lee xx I know you share my especially deep feels for 'The Forest Again' :*) I agree with you 100%, Harry wasn't perfect never sought to be anybody's hero, he just did the right thing and protected the people he loved. Gah, I have all the feels for him, ALL the time!!

  6. I... no words. I have none. This is just perfection. Period. I don't believe I could ever put into words as eloquently as you just have my feelings for Harry. But I agree with every little thing you said here. I have always loved Harry, faults and all. I have always understood where he was coming from, like you. I have always been on his side. He is and will forever be my one true hero, as well, never to be replaced.

    I guess I found some words after all. But not nearly enough to adequately express how perfect this post was <3

    1. Aylee!! ♥♥ ''He is and will forever be my one true hero.'' FEELS!! You said it perfectly!! No one has or ever will replace the love I have for him, he inspired me the first time and has continued to do so to this day! We'll have to do a buddy-re-read someday so we can gush in real time xD

  7. The more I learn about you, the more I think we might be related or just sisters of the world or something (I just made that up, I have no idea what it means, I'm a dork). But seriously. Harry Potter isn't my favorite character of the series (he's high up there, though) but I can tell you love the books just as much as I do. And we both hate spoilers with a passion. And I think we were born in the same year? I happened to see the first sentence of your review of Alanna on Goodreads. You were 3 in 1983? Me too! I was born in 80, I'm assuming you were too, or maybe 79? (Also: Harry Potter was born in 1980! So cool!)

    Anyway, lovely post. Harry Potter is awesome, and you've written a wonderful ode to him. Happy Birthday, Harry!


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