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Best Characters from Harry Potter

Harry Potter Month
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Hi all!  Today's addition to Harry Potter Month is all about chatting with you all about my Favorite characters from the series. Obviously, there are A LOT of characters to choose from - is there any aspect of this story that doesn't shine through as being beyond brilliant?  I think not. Anyways, I tried to narrow it down as best I could to the bare necessities. Everyone ready? Here we go:

Harry himself of course, but I won't go into all the details in this post, I'll save that for my upcoming post on the boy himself ;-) Suffice it to say he's THE hero in this story.  He saved the world...oooh I don't know, like 7-8 times and survived the Dark Lord himself just as many times! Enough said.

Dumbledore. The man is a genius clearly. His mind boggles my mind; I mean everything about him was so elaborate and wonderfully complex! He knew Harry was up for the challenges he faced so he allowed him to keep trying.  He always had a plan and helped out as much as he could.  He taught Harry all he needed to know.  Sure he had secrets but how could you be Dumbledore and NOT have secrets.

Sirius. Obviously right? The guy is a cool rebel with a tragic life but he was such a bright light for Harry...and one that was so very needed.  Their time as a family burned out too soon but it was worth EVERYTHING!  I love his recklessness and impulsiveness an the fact that he would always risk himself to save Harry. His love for his godson is one of my absolute favorite parts of the series.

Lupin. Another clear choice for me.  THE BEST DADA teacher we ever got to know, no contest.  He taught Harry how to make a Patronus Charm, he was one of the few who trusted Dumbledore no questions asked, till the very end AND he overcame his demons and found love.  Another tragic life ended too soon but he was oh-so important for Harry...I just love him to bits.

Hermione.  THE brightest witch of her age, hands down.  Hermione is handy in a tight spot, as brave as any boy and twice as smart. She's not afraid to proudly display her inner nerd, she never backs down and she will fight for what she believes in.  Sure she always doubted Harry when he was clearly right O.O BUT she was the voice of reason, she always did her research and she saved the trio's asses too many times to count.

The Entire Weasley Clan: Ron, Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Mr. Weasley, the twins, Bill & Charlie. I only left out Percy (for reasons) even though he came around at the end there...But yeah, this is a fantastic family.  Ron faced almost everything Harry did and willingly followed him into mortal danger nearly every.single.time.  Ginny is my hero but she's also sadly under-appreciated.  That girl was worthy of Harry more than any other girl in Hogwarts.  She's ridiculously powerful and gifted, fiery and fearless - I just love her.  Mr & Mrs Weasley need no explanation I think.  These people took Harry in as one of their own and risked everything over and over for him and for what was right. They're the best fictional parents EVER.  The Twins were at Harry's side when it counted too, they made us laugh and then made us cry (WHY?!) Even the lesser known Bill & Charlie were always kind, cool and brave - I have nothing but love for this family. Except Percy.

Luna.  I freaking love Luna.  She's wonderfully weird, has a huge heart and cherishes her friends above all else.  She's just impossible not to love, from her offbeat beliefs to the way she is so fearlessly herself. I wish I'd known strong female characters like her growing up! She's an inspiration.

Neville.  The final member of the Silver Trio (Ginny, Luna & Neville) who went through things worse than Harry himself.  He came a long way from his first year at Hogwarts and his character evolution throughout was probably the most impressive.  I was so proud of him when he came into his own and really lived up to his true potential, I wanted to cheer.

Ollivander.  Possibly an odd choice, I mean the man was clearly impressed by all kinds of power, good or bad.  But I love that he gave Harry his wand, I love his knowledge of wands and since I like to think I'd take over his wandmaking business for him, he gets my vote.

And that's it for me, although I'm sure I must have missed someone important.  
I'm curious: Who are your favorites? Let me know :)
...which will also help me remember if I missed anyone >.<


  1. Awesome picks all, I totally agree. And I'm glad you didn't include Snape because no matter his actions he was a fucking asshole. -.-
    I most hotly support the Weasleys, such an amazing bunch of people (except Percy ofc), I would LOVE to be part of that family! So awesome, and with such a cool home ^^
    I also agree with Sirius, the old rock n roll guy :D <3

  2. The entire Weasley clan! This are such fun posts though I have to admit anything Harry Potter couldn't possibly not be fun.

  3. SIRIUS!!! He and Lupin are the reasons why Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book. James and Lily couldn't have chosen a better godfather for Harry. ❤

  4. Oh man, this would be near impossible to narrow down!! Jo just has this superb talent for crafting realistically flawed characters that are so memorable and good and brave that you just can't NOT love them. You do a remarkable job with your list here and of course I 100% agree. As for other favourites I would add... almost all of them?? That's WAY too hard, heh. Hmm, well Snape is a fantastically enigmatic character; McGonagall is obviously great too (and I love her history); Hagrid, again obvious; I have a definite soft spot for Dobby; and purely character-wise (even though they're super evil) I would include Tom Riddle, Umbridge, and Bellatrix because they're just really excellent antagonists. I really want to reread this series now ^^

  5. I don't think any list of faves would be complete without good ol' Dumbledore!
    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

    1. And I hope you do read some King, Mich! Maybe in the daytime ;)

  6. I don't know if Ollivander would have made it to my list, I would probably sub Hagrid in for him because I adore Hagrid, but I agree with every other thing you said about these fantastic characters. As I was reading through, I was thinking, surely she'll list Luna! I love Luna to pieces. I have a new favorite every day, but she remains towards the top. The Weasley twins are also way up there for me as well as Sirius and Lupin. Best fictional parents ever is right, the Weasleys as a family couldn't be a better suit for Harry to end up with. Plus, as you said, watching Neville go through the character growth that he accomplished was amazing. Just way too many characters to gush about, but you did a fantastic job! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  7. I think you already know that I'm a huuuuuuge Snape fan. Always have been, always will be :D I also like Lupin a lot. I've always felt like a mixture between Luna/Hermione, so of course they are two of my favorite characters as well :D

  8. Oh man I 100% agree with these. How on earth is it possible to pick just one favourite? I couldn't get enough of any of them! I agree with everything you said. I'd have to add Bellatrix though because she's so screwed up and mental - so entertaining. I love to hate her. Brilliant list Mimz! I just wish Lupin and Sirius had you know... survived :( *heart breaks* xx

  9. Oooh narrowing down is just impossible! I don't think Harry or Ollivander would have made my list though (sorry). Hermione, Luna, Snape and Dumbledore are all absolutely musts for me. I also love Dobby and Hagrid, and my favourite Weasleys would have to be the twins...

    I could honestly go on forever. I'm a very indecisive person and Harry Potter is just full of such fantastic characters!

    That gif for Neville by the way, is an absolutely perfect choice. Love this post!


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