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Book Recommendations for Potterheads

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Hey guys! Today's post is all about book recommendations for Harry Potter fans. Now these won't necessarily be stories that are super similar to the Harry Potter books - let's face it: there will never be another series quite like HP - so instead, I went with stories that have some elements to them that made me feel the same way HP made me feel in one way or another. It might be because the hero made me want to rally behind him or her in the way Harry does, or it might that the setting or plot had some Potter-ish leanings...or it just might be because the story consumed me in the same way HP did.  I hope these have or will captivate you all in the same way :) So here goes:

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Mistborn - This book is perfection. It features an evil dark lord, an orphaned MC who's abused and broken down, lots of darkness, an inspiring mentor and some seriously kick-ass magic - not to mention EPIC world-building. It is an adult trilogy but it has tons YA crossover appeal, and has recently been relaunched as a YA series. If you still haven't read Mistborn, you need to do so. SOON.

Throne of Glass - Another mind-blowingly amazing series.  Throne of Glass features a hero to rally behind (despite her flaws) who's suffered an incredible amount of pain due to an evil ruler.  I features wicked action, a brilliant plot and characters and it's fair share of dark magic. I have so much love for the MC Celaena, I won't even attempt to get into it here.  Just read.this.series.people!!

The School for Good & Evil - This is cuter than the HP series and doesn't have quite as much depth to it. BUT, it has it's own version of a magical school away from home where kids learn magic. Magical schools are always brilliant if you ask me. This one has a fairytale twist to it but it's mix of humor and darkness makes for a really nice balance and a fun read.

His Dark Materials - This is a classic to be sure and one I'd recommend regardless.   It featuring a feisty heroine, good morals, lots of adventure and truly unique magical items.  The secondary characters vary from human to animal...even witches!  It's well plotted and engaging throughout.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone - With absolutely gorgeous writing that's sure to bring all kinds of feels, the series was guaranteed to make the list. At it's core, it's a battle between good and evil with stunning characterization and staggering twists.  I have rarely felt this much love for a main character, her love interest and her friends.  Karou has my heart and there's no going back.

Raven Boys - Sure this has a private boarding school, paranormal 'magic' and is beyond engrossing but mainly it displays heart-warming friendships that are sure to capture your heart and soul.  I mean friendships like our golden & silver trio in HP had.  The pacing is a bit slower than the usual YA fare, but the story will take over your life like nothing else!

Percy Jackson - This is a no-brainer for me when you think of what to read after Harry Potter: it has kids with magical powers, a 'chosen one' and epic battles. Though it never quite drew me in the same way HP did, it's certainly entertaining and exciting enough to make the list. Plus it has mythology which is a pretty sweet bonus if you ask me.

Liesl & Po - With it's whimsical and enchanting tone, not to mention good moral values, this standalone is worth checking out!  I was instantly drawn into Liesl's story as she befriends a ghost named Po.  It has a bit of a fairytale feel to it but the writing style alone made this story really stand out.

Fangirl - This one deals with fangirling about a HUGE and life changing fantasy series similar to Potter. It's hard not to relate to the MC and the way the fandom has shaped her life. It's a contemporary but the references to fantasy fiction are everywhere.

LotR - Another no-brainer. For real though.  If you haven't read this classic yet, after a HP bender is the perfect time to do so. It starts off quite slow, with lots of descriptions but if you can make it past that initial part, you're in for a treat!  It's definitely a classic though, so the writing style isn't what you'd expect from a more modern read.  All the same, I was taken in by the quest and it's characters.

So.  What did you think of my picks?  Did I miss anything important?
Let me know :)


  1. I think these are really good recommendations :o) I think Brandon Sanderson is an incredible writer! And I also liked Percy Jackson (only read the first).

  2. I have read ToG (love them), HDM (almost finished) and 2 PJ books and super enjoyed them all so I look forward to finishing them all properly! I also cannot wait to read Sanderson, I have heard so much about his works I am super curious! And of course LotR has been on my TBR for ages now, and I hope to read the books soon. :)

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. I wholeheartedly approve of The Raven Boys appearing on your list, Micheline! ;) I immediately thought of you when I saw Mistborn in the YA section at Barnes & Noble yesterday, with its awesome, redesigned cover. It'll definitely be the next epic, high fantasy series I read! :D

  4. GREAT choices Micheline! <3 I think all of these books have something in them that would appeal to Harry Potter fans. The Percy Jackson series definitely has similar themes and a similar tone / plot (good vs. evil, friendship, romance, etc) to the HP series. I think Throne of Glass and The Raven Boys are definitely similar to HP in the actual fantasy aspects.

    Thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  5. Woo, I'm quite pleased that I have read all but three of these because I know totally what you mean when you say that these work for HP fans in one way or another AND I completely loved them, as well!

    Okay, so Mistborn. This WILL happen! You've gotten me all kinds of excited about this book series ever since you posted about it and I just know I'll be just as crazy about it. Ideally though, I would like to carve out some time to read them back-to-back and I haven't found that time yet, unfortunately!

    Raven Boys - ditto. MUST read and I hope to get to it and Dream Thieves before the third book is released this fall. LOVE good friendships in books!

    Classics LotR and His Dark Materials - agreed, these were the books that I turned to first when I ran out of HP. Still some of my all-time favourites!

    Fantastic fantasies - Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Throne of Glass - absolutely!! I love how much love you have for Celaena and Karou and I could not agree more!

    Fangirl is also great for the reader who's had to let go of a beloved series and is going through withdrawal, aka every Potter fan ever!

    You haven't gotten around to it yet, but I would definitely say Shadow and Bone would appeal to an HP fan because of magic + special school + evil dark overlord. And it's just plain awesome!! Also, the Amulet of Samarkand is GREAT for recovering HP fans :)

    Truly fantastic list, Micheline!

  6. Mistborn: this will be one of the first series I'm going to buy when I have money again, haha. Everyone is raving about it and I can't wait to jump on the train.
    Throne of glass: YES.
    School for good and evil: I like that book :)
    Daughter of smoke and bone: I need to catch up with that series!
    The raven boys: AMAZING.
    Liesl & Po: adorable <3
    Fangirl: on my reading list.

    Great recommendations!

  7. I completely agree with DoSaB - that was the first book to make me feel like Harry Potter had all over again! I haven't read The School for Good & Evil but it sounds really nice, so I'll try that!

  8. The ones that I have read I completely agree with! ToG, TRB, DoSaB, Fangirl. I still need to read so many of the others though. I agree though, nothign will ever be Potter :). Thanks for the list bubs! xx


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