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Best Harry Potter Moments

Harry Potter Month
Harry Potter Month is a blogger event put together by Faith over at Student Spyglass for the month of
July. For more information visit this link.

Hi everyone and welcome to my kick off post for Harry Potter Month.  To start us off, I decided to spotlight the Best Moments from the Harry Potter Books! It was a lot more challenging to narrow down than I anticipated - I kind of struggled with how to reference all my favorite moments but in the end I went with a brief sort of bullet-points style. I know you guys are all going to know what I'm referencing and this way makes it briefer and easier to read through. SO. Without further ado, here we go:

Best Moments from the Harry Potter Books

Philosopher's Stone
-Dumbledore, McGonagall & Hagrid saving Harry :)
-''Y'er a Wizard Harry!''
-Harry's visit to Diagon Alley
-The Wand chooses Harry...
-The Sorting Hat and Harry's request to not be sorted in Slytherin.
-Harry making the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!
-Facing Voldemort both in the Forbidden Forest & for the Stone
-Harry's requisite talks with Dumbledore at year's end.

Chamber of Secrets
-Meeting Dobby for the first time.
-Harry escaping Privet Drive via the Weasley's flying car.
-Harry visits The Burrow.
-The Chamber of Secrets...
-Harry speaking Parselmouth.
-Moaning Myrtle!
-Tom Marvolo Riddle's Diary & it's true nature.
-Harry meeting Riddle & saving Ginny!

Prisoner of Azkaban
-Harry blowing up his aunt. yessss
-Night Bus/Leaky Cauldron/Diagon Alley.
-Remus Lupin!
-The Marauder's Map/Hogsmeade/The Shrieking Shack
-Hermione's Time-Turner!
-Harry + Hermione rescuing Sirius Black & sticking it to Snape.

Goblet of Fire
-The Quidditch World Cup
-Barty Crouch Jr (David Tennant ♥)
-Triwizard Tournament+ Beauxbatons+Durmstrang
-The Triwizard tasks. So creative!
-Harry's Prophetic Dreams...
-Voldemort's Return. *shudder*
-Harry fights, survives & escapes from the Graveyard.
-The Triwizard winnings donation to the Weasley Twins.

Order of the Phoenix
-Dark, brooding Harry. Love him!
-The Order of the Phoenix. Too cool.
-Dumbledore's Army (D.A.) + Harry being an awesome teacher.
-Ron making the Quidditch Team.
-Umbridge (HA! Just kidding!)
-The Prophecy and it's meaning...
-Harry's flip out in Dumbledore's office. Feels.
-Finally learning (most of) the truth about Harry's destiny.

Half-Blood Prince
-Harry's journey with Dumbledore in all it's glory.
-AND their heart to heart in the Weasley shed.
-All of Tom Riddle's memories (Pensive)
-The Half-Blood Prince's Potions Book.
-Harry stalking Malfoy - rightfully so.
-Learning about Horcruxes. Mind=Blown.
-Harry + Ginny ♥

Deathly Hallows
-Harry's time at The Burrow.
-Hunting for Horcruxes...
-The trio's break-in to the Ministry, Gringotts & Hogwarts!
-Godric's Hollow *sobs*
-Ron's return/the Doe Patronus/The Sword & the Horcrux.
-The Three Brother's Tale.
-Shell Cottage: all the heavy realizations - Hallows or Horcruxes.
-Harry using Crucio to defend McGonagall's honor.
-Snape's memories.
-The Forest Again ♥
-The look on Voldy's face when Harry isn't dead (AGAIN.)
-The battle + EPIC face-off. Harry talks smack, Voldy loses it.
-Victory! (NOT to the Daleks but to Harry)
-Harry fixing his own wand with the Elder Wand (hello!)
-That Epilogue. ALL the feels.

Predictably Deathly Hallows is overflowing with moments - I could have listed chapters and chapters...Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my moment picks.  Do we share some? Did I miss your favorite moment?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Some amazing moments here!

    Bk 1:
    I loved how Harry was saved and opened to this new world of magic: visiting DA, getting a wand and a cloak and a pet, and books and so on, I SO SO SO wanted to be the one doing that myself! And then meeting Ron and Draco and immediately knowing he doesn't want to be a pompous ass going around insulting people so he stuck with Ron and Gyrffindor, which I loved. And winning at the end of the year, eeep!

    Bk 2:
    Flying car and Burrow! Those were definitely my highlights because I loved the ideas of the items, the Burrow as a cosy sunny family home, and Harry having some proper holidays for a change.

    Bk 3:
    The escape from home was definitely welcome, and the roaming on DA for sure as well, as was the bus and all. Then the whole Grim business, Lupin, all of it was great, some proper DADA lessons for a change!
    And yes for Sirius! Finally some family. :D

    Bk 4:
    Everything, I love this book!

    Bk 5:
    Order and DA, those were great, and the whole fight and justice for Umbridge as she makes me so so so mad! :X

    Bk 6:
    Memories were a great addition as we got to know so much of people's backgrounds. And I really enjoyed the horcrux tales and explanations, it was really interesting to learn about those.

    Bk 7:
    All of it, my favorite book! :D

    Awesome picks, really :D

    1. Eeeep, Harry meeting Ron should have made the cut here. I knew I'd forget some important moments XD And I agree: that week Harry spends solo in DA was my favorite. I wanted to be able to explore DA thoroughly myself like he did but I was glad he got to do it cause he deserved it LOL And YES Lupin & Sirius ♥ Not like Umbridge, I get twitchy just thinking about her :@

      The pensive was a HUGE highlight for me, I'm always one to wonder how a villain gets to be the way he is so those memories of the Riddles and Tom's childhood were super satisfying to me.And I agree: ALL OF BOOK 7, my favorite :D Loved reading your comment Ula xxxx

  2. This post is like an instant reminder of why we love Harry Potter so much!

    Next time I'm feeling crappy, I definitely think I should come to this post for an instant mood boost and a reminder of just how much I love HP, and then pick up one of the books or head off to fanfiction.net for some indulging!

    The epilogue is a moment that wouldn't have made my list, but you picked some fab moments other than that ;) I know exactly what you mean about Deathly Hallows being full of moments - Deathly Hallows and Half-Blood Prince are my favourites, and there are so many of my favourite moments in these, just the thought of them makes me smile :D

    I also love your comments, you're right, we knew exactly which bits you meant, and your phrasing really made me laugh (-Victory! (NOT to the Daleks but to Harry)

    1. Awww thanks Faith :D Yeah writing all these favorite moments down seriously made me want to re-read the series. AGAIN. The epilogue wasn't everyone's cup of tea admittedly, but I was just so happy that Harry finally had a family of his own ♥ *sobs* DH & HBP are my favorites too (along with PoA)

      HAHAHAH I was hoping someone would get my DW comment there XD Thanks for stopping by x

  3. A whole month of HP?! AWESOME! I loved ALL of your picks (David Tennant as Barty Crouch, Jr. in GoF = best casting EVER!!!!). PoA is my favorite book because hello, Sirius! DH is a very close second- a perfect conclusion to the series in every way. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your HP posts for the month! :D

    1. LOL YES ^^ MORE HP for ALL :D I wholeheartedly agree on DT as Barty Crouch Jr. being a BRILLIANT piece of casting ♥ DH is my all time favorite but PoA & HBP are tied and suuuuuper close seconds LOL Thanks Lee, I'm always up for more HP gushing!! xxxx

  4. Omigawd. Where do I even start?? Well, probably first by saying it's exciting that you will be participating in an entire month of HP-themed posts!! FUN. Second, I am super impressed that you were able to narrow down your favourite moments so well. If I were doing it, I'd be afraid I would miss something. Just reading through your list now, I can see that you definitely got the best highlights and they are my best moments, as well. I especially like that one of the moments you chose for OotP is Angst!Harry. People always seem to hate him, but I know I always appreciated his genuine and worthy fury. He had every right to be that angry! GREAT post, Micheline!!

    1. Agreed: July is the perfect month for it too imo being Harry's birth month and all :D And thanks so much: I WAS afraid I would miss something...and it turns out I did: Harry meeting Ron for the first time - they're time on the Hogwarts Express that first year was golden ♥ And of course, Hermione meeting them there too!

      But anyways, YES to Angst Harry. I know he annoyed a lot of readers then but I just loved him even more. After all he's been through he was allowed to wallow and be moody for a bit. Especially considering all the visions he was getting courtesy of You Know Who! Thanks love xxxx

  5. Ohhhh my god Mimz, so many amazing moments! I feel like I just relieved them all with you just reading the list. I'm exactly the same with DH. There are just SO MANY MOMENTS that I want to hug and squish and squeeze up into a ball and keep forever! The only thing I'd add is Harry and Dumbledore's adventure with a Horcrux in HBP. Ohhh my heart could not handle that at all!

    Fantastic post :D xxxxx


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