Thursday, June 19, 2014

Harry Potter MotW #47

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Best 'Hermione' Moment

Again another topic with infinite possibilities!  Hermione is a fantastically strong, brilliant and loyal character.  I absolutely love her to bits and I look up to her.  I adored so many moments of hers, like when she took the blame for the Troll incident in their first year at Hogwarts. Or when she figured everything out about the Basilisk in their second year.  Watching her get away with a million extra classes with the help of her Time-Turner is a clear favorite...Then there's when she shows up at the Yule Ball and no one recognizes her XD  When she accompanies Harry to his parents grave in DH is another heart-wrenching favorite but today I'm going to go with the first moment that popped into my head.  Instead of bringing the feels, I'm going with Hermione bringing the laughs with:

The cauldron incident in Potions Class in Half Blood Prince

Seeing the brightest witch of her age so out of sorts just puts a huge smile on my face. She was clearly following the instructions in the book, so WHY wasn't her potion as good as Harry's?!  LOL  I wanted to cheer when I saw the film and they had actually put in that bit with her hair growing pouffier and pouffier as her potion got worse and worse! Good times...


  1. Hahah I loved that part! It's so funny because she cannot understand how her potion is going so terribly mediocre compared to Harry.
    But I agree with the other things you listed: she's really smart and can figure out anything she sets herself to (except maybe flying), and that Yule Ball scene was amazing, I was so happy for her!

  2. Hahahaha YES! Ah she's just fantastic :). I love her to death. I loved how frazzled she got with Polyjuice but the fact that she could make it at just 13 years old is mental in itself! The DH moment was my second choice without a doubt. It hurt my heart so much! xxx

  3. She just looks so desperate but she doesn't really want to show it! Besides being hilarious, I love there is a moment where they show that even someone this smart can't do everything! And that hair is just a gift! Great choice :)
    My Hermione Moment
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  4. Haha, that part made me laugh so hard. It was fun to see her so confused and annoyed. I also liked her preparations before the wedding. Because of her, they could escape so easily; and I've always wanted a bag like hers!

  5. Heehee!! I love that you chose a moment when Hermione made you laugh. I can think of quite a few unintentionally funny Hermione moments and I think this one tops the cake because it's just so typically HER. I think my favourite Hermione moment (though like you say, it's SUPER tough to decide) is the whole SPEW affair. I also love when she storms out of Divination Class. And how she always seems to know the best way at getting back at people who have wronged her, like with Rita Skeeter. Okay, I could go on and on, so I guess I'll stop here :)

  6. I completely forgot about this moment when I was thinking back through all her great parts. I loved it! She couldn't stand the fact that Harry was doing better than her at something that involved instructions from a book. She let go that Harry passed her in Defense Against the Dark Arts because it's more action-based skill, but I think the potions class pushed her to her limits. I loved the description in the book, and like you, really loved seeing it play out in the movie. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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