Thursday, April 10, 2014

Harry Potter MotW #37

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Worst Umbridge Moment

Ugh. Umbridge.  I think we can all agree that any moment she appeared on page or film was some variation of a 'worst moment'.  She was either building up to doing something vile and heinous, doing something vile and heinous...or, just finishing off from doing something vile and heinous.  She spied, manipulated, lied, bullied, abused and tortured her way through Hogwarts and the Ministry for Magic.  We all hate her even worst than Voldy himself so many moments come to mind when trying to think of the worst of the worst.  The way she lobbied and discriminated against anyone NOT a pure-blood, her role in the Muggle Registration Act (it's implementation AND her role as judge jury and executioner)...Sacking Trelawney is an especially loathsome one as well but I've always hated her the most for:

Torturing Harry

That moment, in her office with just her and Harry, when she calmly and sweetly explains about her 'special quill' and Harry proceeds to write his first line...and he comes to the full realization of just how sick and twisted she is.  That whole scene just weighs on me every time I read it or even just thinking about it now.  

I could babble and rage on and on about her but instead I'll just share a link I found that makes a really interesting point as to why we all hate Umbridge even more than Lord Voldemort.  Check it out here (if you want) and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Oh and for the record, here's what I think is the best Umbridge moment:



  1. She was absolutely the worst and I think even Voldemort would tell her to pipe down.
    I hated what she did to Harry in detention, she was just downright insane. :X
    Good pick, despite the terrible moment! It came close to be picked by me as well.

  2. It's still funny how everyone hates her more than Voldemort, who tortured people all the time, haha. But she was just so evil and ugh!

  3. I cringe every time I think of those words splitting open Harry's hand! If only Umbridge hadn't somehow gotten away from the centaurs; I couldn't believe it when she turned up at the Ministry in DH, again up to her repulsive old tricks!

  4. Yup, this woman raises my blood pressure like no other. Definitely hated her more than Voldie. I distinctly recall punching my pillow in RAGE as I was reading OotP the first time, and that trend continued even upon rereads. Strangely, I think her absolute horribleness is what makes her such a great character. She has to be to incite that much rage in the readers!


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