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Way of Kings RAL - Conclusion

Wow, it's the 10th and final week of our Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings read-along!  Time flies when your having fun hehe!  I don't know about you guys but this was the biggest book I've ever read so I have a proportionately huge book-hangover D:  Alright so let's get to chatting so I can relive my favorite moments with you guys all over again:

*Week 10 - Chapters 66-Epilogue*
Caution: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1. Syl's true nature as an honorspren has been revealed! She once again asks the interesting question: are spren attracted to their element or do they create that element? What do you think? Do you think there are more honorspren or is Syl unique?

I think Syl is unique and directly related to whatever 'sort' of Radiant Kaladin is - or will end up being down the line.  I was pretty much blown away by that whole scene with Kaladin tapping into his power and all that but Syl's true nature reveal was emotionally charged.  It seems fitting too that an Honorspren would be bonded with Kaladin of all people in this world.  I think it's telling of what kind of Radiant Kaladin will become...and of course, it's making me adore him even more (I didn't even think it was possible!)

2. The Parshendi had a whole host of reactions to Kaladin's power, mostly including fear and awe, though they also seemed to recognize him or his power. Why do you think that is? How do you think the Parshendi hiring Szeth plays into it?

Since the Radiants seem like they were the only ones who could fight off The Desolation, I think the Parshendi (or Voidbringers according to Jasnah) recognized their nemesis from the old days.  It's like their rage towards him turned into an odd blend of awe, respect and fear after that.  As for them hiring Szeth, well he was probably like Christmas to them because 1. He had a Shardblade. 2. He has powers like Kaladin but he's clearly been trained up in their usage for a long time. And 3. Being Truthless meant he could be controlled completely and used as a hitman to gain power and control... 

3. Dalinar makes some pretty intense decisions towards the end of this book, including trading his Shardblade to free the bridgemen and completely changing how he wants to deal with the highprinces. Do you think these were good decisions?

What a freaking shocker to see Dalinar give up his Shardblade!  And in front of Kaladin - the one other person (I assume...other than the Radiants) to willingly give up his Shardblade.  Gah, it was all too much!  Honestly, as impressive as it was to see Dalinar mix things up like this, I think that on  the whole they were the right decisions to make.  Don't get me wrong: I also think they will cause him an enormous amount of grief in one way or the other but the were still the right choices to make so I'm glad he made them.

4. A lot of mysteries surrounding Jasnah are finally revealed! Do you think that she is right and that most Soulcasters do work? Why do you think Shallan and Jasnah both happen to have this soulcasting power? What is Shadesmar really?

I adored getting all that information on Jasnah, not to mention some answers for Shallan! I'm still worried about Shallan so now I guess I'll worry about Jasnah as well haha!  They both mentioned some connection to the Voidbringers and I very much doubt that could be a good thing.  Truthfully, I hope I'm way off base here but I can't shake the bad feeling I have about all of this.  There has to be something to the fact that they both have the same power and ended up together though, right??  I'm glad they have each other in any event because what they're trying to uncover is important and despite my worries about their powers I really do think both Jasnah and Shallan are trying to do the right thing with the information they're collecting.

As for Shadesmar, I'm kind of spooked and fascinated with the place to be honest.  I hope we get to explore it a lot more with Jasnah and Shallan!

5. Szeth is once again on a mission, but this time we really don't want him to succeed! What do you think is going to happen with him and Dalinar in the next book? Do you think Szeth and Kaladin will recognize each other's power?

OMG that mission!  NOOOOO!  Someone has to be able to stop him. Dalinar can't go down that way, he just can't. Kaladin needs to step up his training so he can stop Szeth in his tracks because...I can't even think about it!  Nope.  

*ahem* but yeah, Kaladin stepping up and fighting him off, maybe even talking to him, changing his mind about obeying orders blindly. That would be great.  Let's hope for that!

6. We finally have a better idea where the Parshmen and Parshendi came from! What do you think the real history is there? How did people possibly enslave the Voidbringers and why are the Parshendi now changing?

It all sounds like such a brilliant plan though when you look at it in retrospect!  They hid in plain sight.  They allowed themselves to be enslaved so they would be forgotten with time as the threat that they were.  And with time they were and they became integrated in every.single.aspect. of their enemies lives. And when the time was right, when humanity was weakened by war and greed, they'd awaken and tear the world down. Brilliant but also terrifying.  Eeeek, I need all the answers! Now!

7. The last chapter with the Almighty was pretty crazy. What do you think about this vision? What do you think this means for Dalinar's future and the world's (universe's??) future? What is Odium really?

Odium man. Woah O.O  I think Odium is like the flip side to the Almighty, the darkness to the Almighty's light...but he wasn't supposed to be able to win though...right??  I think things are a lot more critical than Dalinar could have ever imagined in his wildest nightmares. I also think it means that all of our heroes will have to work extra hard to win this war and save humanity.  It sounds like they'll have their work cut out for them though!

*Extra Bits*

* Can I just rave again about how Kaladin unbelievably epic Kaladin was when he fully tapped into his powers there to save Dalinar?!  That moment he had there completely floored me - I was so freaking excited for him :-D I was especially touched by how it was brought on by his most terrible memory: loosing Tien.  What an emotionally charged scene there. Wow!  And I adored Syl through all of it, they make such an amazing team ♥

* Sadeas standing in the center of the Justice glyph that Navani had done up for Dalinar and how Dalinar saw it as "magnificently appropriate"

* My actual reaction when Jasnah revealed the Parshendi to be Voidbringers: Whhhaaaaahhh!!!

* I'm curious as to why Syl dislikes Shardblades?  I always assumed that as a Radiant, Kaladin would inevitably end up with his own Shard but now I'm not sure I want him to...

Let me know what you guys though of the conclusion of this incredible story in the comments below.  It's been truly wonderful chatting with all of you throughout the weeks and sharing thoughts, feels and ideas! And if (like me!) you still feel like chatting about this amazing story, be sure to follow the link to weigh-in on my full review for The Way of Kings

PS-Hopefully all of you were smarter than me and pre-ordered Words of Radiance.  Initially, I wanted to wait for the paperback version to come out...since my copy of TWoK is a paperback and OCD me wanted my covers to match. But yeah, I doubt I'll make it to the end of the week without ordering a copy of WoR >.<

Happy reading! xx 


  1. lol I know what you mean about wanting WoR in the same format; my copy is also the mass paperback but I might get WoR for my eReader (even though I hear that the book is really pretty with the illustrations and stuff ;_; #whattodo)

    Compared to my first read of this novel, I'm surprised how many revelations came out way at the end of the novel: definitely setting us up for some epic stuff in the second book! :)

    My WoK RAL

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who's obsessive about stuff like that >.<

      I am kind of jealous of those of you who were re-reading this time around. I can see benefiting a LOT from re-reading this series down the line - it's just so rich, I can see realizing stuff you never even noticed the first time around! I think you're right too, book 2 will be nothing but EPIC. :D

  2. Yup, it was pretty epic! I loved it. Such a great conclusion, but leaves so many questions. I actually haven't ordered WoR either, but I probably will soon as well. :D

    My WoK Post

    1. Sweet! I loved it too Liesel and you're right: the ending was perfect but it sure set us up with more questions for book #2! Here's hoping we both get our hands on WoR soon :D

  3. Dalinar's decisions are surely going to put him and his people in a lot of danger, but I'm glad he made them, too.

    On Shallan and Jasnah, maybe people with these kinds of abilities tend to attract each other? I mean, we've also seen Dalinar and Kaladin end up together, and it seems clear that Szeth will be with them soon (I hope they can turn him to the 'light side'!) Maybe its fate or something, that these sorts people come together.

    I had always thought of Shardblades as the Radiants' weapons, too, but given Syl's distaste, I'm not so sure anymore. They mentioned "Dawnshards", are those somehow different? If the Parshendi use Shards, and they're the Voidbringers, then maybe the Shards are actually the weapons of Odium's side? That's a lot of speculation, but it will be exciting to find out in future books!


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