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Way of Kings RAL Week 5

Well, I'm a few days late but I'm here and ready to jump into our 5th week of our read along of Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings.  We got to experience the return to action of both Jasnah and Shallan, which was awesome!  Things have certainly taken a turn when it comes to  Dalinar and Kaladin on for more:

*Week 5 - Chapters 28 - 32
Caution: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1.Dalinar made a very dramatic decision at the beginning of this section.  Do you think it was the right one? What do you think will happen to him, Adolin and (and the not-united Alethi) if he follows through?

Personally, I don't think that Dalinar made the right decision, although I can certainly understand why he came to make the choice he did. Maybe if I were in his shoes, I would have chosen the same.  He can't help but doubt himself now and regardless, he feels his son is better suited to lead his men.  I do think that Adolin would likely make a fine leader but I also feel like if Dalinar does step down, Adolin could call on him again - especially if a Desolation looms on the horizon.  So I'm still holding out hope that Dalinar will get his chance to 'unite them' may just take drastic events to bring that change on.

2.We’ve gotten to see a little more of Shinovar with Rysn the apprentice merchant.  In terms of plants and animals, it seems to be pretty much like our world.  How do you think it happened that there’s such an ‘ordinary’ place, or what do you think might have happened to turn the rest of the world so unusual?  Given this and the chapter on Szeth, do you have any more ideas on what the meaning of his "Truthless" title might be?

I was also struck by how Shinovar was so like our own world.  I wonder if that's a bad thing in Sanderson's world - like maybe the way the Shin live caused the magic to leak out of their surroundings or something o_O  but I might be way off...  I'm still not entirely sure what my take on Szeth's ''Truthless'' title but I will say that Szeth himself seems like he could be an incredibly dangerous man in the wrong hands - and he seems to have fallen into the worst possible hands ever.*shudders*

3.  Shallan and Jasnah’s story has returned!  Based on Jasnah’s words to Dalinar, and the clues Shallan is picking up, what do you think Jasnah’s project is about?  What do you think she hopes to accomplish? 

YAY! It was about time our two main ladies returned, I was really missing both of them!  I think Jasnah is definitely researching something that ties into both her Father's death and the ancient past. I think she has begun to uncover some warning signs and that her thirst for knowledge might offer these people a chance at surviving when things start hitting the fan.  I wonder if Jasnah isn't working off of things her father might have said near the end of his reign...

4. Concerning Shallan, it’s starting to seem that her drawing ability is a supernatural gift. Do you have any theories on the bizarre figures Shallan accidentally drew behind the king? 

That was sooo weird, I'm super curious to learn more about the figures Shallan added behind the king.  Was is something only she could see or did she have a vision of creatures from the past, that shouldn't exist in the present world?!  She clearly has an amazing gift so I hope it will keep developing further.  On an aside, I'm growing even more worried about Shallan's motives, especially her family's joint motives.  Her brother Nan Balat is clearly cruel and disturbed so I'm not sure how trustworthy his words are.  Shallan herself hinted that their family's past hides something tragic - I just hope she ends up using her abilities for good.

5. Back to the bridge crews, now that we’ve seen a bit more into Gaz’s perspective, does he seem any more sympathetic?  Why do you think he owes Lamaril money?

Well, Gaz's perspective did make me feel for him.  It's clear he is battling his own demons and he seems to hide a complicated past.  It did help to see him struggle a bit with almost doing the right thing, but then he went ahead and made the wrong choice anyway! Gah!  I hope he turns it around again but at this point I'm not too sure...what with the way our current section ended. *blinks* Oh and  I was under the impression that hid debt to Lamaril was of the gambling nature but I could be wrong.

6. Kaladin has won over his bridge crew, and enacted a brilliant plan to protect them—which utterly ruined the military strategy. Do you think his plan was a good one, or should he have seen the chaos coming? What do you think will happen to him next?  Also, what do you think he’ll do if he figures out the real reason why bridgemen aren’t allowed shields?

I feel like there's no way Kaladin could have anticipated how far reaching his actions would lead...I certainly didn't but I might have been blinded by just outright rooting for him so freaking hard! >.<  Poor guy!  I'm quite worried about him at the moment and eager to learn his fate.  I hope word reaches the right people *cough* Dalinar & co. *cough* so that help might come to Kaladin and the brdige 4 crew.

*Extra Bits*

It might be just me that was slow to clue in, but Szeth having the ability to infuse himself with Stormlight just like Kaladin seems to strikes me as both exciting and ominous.  Was I the only one to miss that link?!    I feel like the more we learn about these characters and their abilities/gifts just raises all the more questions! 

That scene with Kaladin and his inebriated father was pretty intense! I was terrified things would take a turn for the worse - I keep dreading tragedy in those flashbacks - same with Dalinar's vision scenes. Yikes!


  1. I totally missed that bit about Szeth! I wonder how this will tie in with everyone's related abilities/effects with the Stormlight (interesting that everything really is coming back to the Stormlight)...

    Shallan's little side mission/motives is giving me a lot of anxiety, lol, because it makes me wonder how long she can keep it up. She seems way out of her league with stealing the Soulcaster and stuff...

  2. Shallan's theft plan really stresses me out, too-- the more we see about her family, the more I think she'd have a better life if she could just leap out of the sinking ship that is the Davar house. I don't think Jasnah would abandon her. I don't know what would happen, but I can't imagine Jasnah throwing her out on the street due to her family's house collapsing. If she steals the fabrial, though, I don't think she can count on Jasnah's sympathy anymore. I hope we get a clearer story of what exactly happened in her past, too (I think it was concerned with her Dad's death, right?).

  3. I think you are right. If Dalinar does step down, his sons can still count on him to help fight the good fight, so it wouldn't be like he was out of the picture. In fact, it might free him to pursue knowledge of these highstorm visions.

    If Jasnah acted as clerk (reading and writing) for her father before he passed, she might be kicking herself in the butt for not having asked more questions then.

    Part of me, the little devil part, hopes Gaz ends up in a bridgecrew. But the nice person in me (the one I ate last week) says that is too much to wish on anyone.

    I am glad that Kaladin got to see his father as something more than a stern surgeon. There is more than 1 way to be brave.


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