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Way of Kings RAL Week 3

Can you guys believe it's the third week of our read-along already?!  Pretty awesome right?  Things certainly have been developing nicely plot wise - the more I read, the more I feel I *need* to know what's going to happen next for all these characters!  This week is hosted by Lynn over at Lynn's Book Blog so head on over there to link up and/or check out the other posts :)

*Week 3 - Chapter 13 - 19*
Caution: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1. After the Chasmfiend attack there were a number of altercations.  Two of these that particularly drew my interest were: the little scene where Wit ridiculed Sadeas - which seems to be a dangerous thing to do given that this could result in a duel or assassination - any ideas about why Wit seems to enjoy provoking Sadeas so much and: during the discussion with the King, Dalinar and Adolin - it seemed that the King became fleetingly suspicious - and later in the story the same look of suspicion crossed his features again during conversation with Dalinar.  What do you think is going on in the King’s head in relation to Dalinar?

I actually quite enjoyed the scene with Wit and Sadeas!  As much as Sadeas seems to be honorable at the core, something about him rubs me the wrong way and I was pleased to see him put in his place; especially in such a public fashion.  Not to mention right after Sadeas had tried to publicly humiliate Dalinar.  The scene with the King, Dalinar and Adolin was particularily charged and I wonder if the King is simply becoming more and more paranoid as the time passes.  He seems a bit unsure in his leadership still and having Dalinar remind the King of his father (who he seems to feel was a better king than he is) may only be adding to those feelings.

2. We seemed to get a little more insight about why the bridgemen are not given shields of protection - what did you think of the reasoning behind this and what do you make of Sadeas - is he trustworthy or not?

I think not giving the bridgemen shields is still pretty horrible - even with the new understanding we gained on the whole thing.  I think Sadeas is trustworthy were the King is conserned - and possibly even where Dalinar is concerned but I don't perticularily like his character.  He seems to like to stir up trouble and his disregard for the bridgemen irks me.

3.  Elhokar has suspicions about attempts on his life - is he paranoid or not and, if not, who do you suspect might be responsible?

Honestly I'm still of two minds about the whole thing -  Elhokar certainly is paranoid, but he also might have reason to be. It might have been an accident but at the same time the situation seems oddly suspicious. If it was an assassination attempt, I haven't the faintest idea who might be behind the wasn't an especially cunning attempt, but that doesn't really narrow it down enough for me just yet.

4. Kaladin is a very intriguing character, what did you make of the latest bridge scene where he put himself at the front of the bridge and then his actions following that?  Did you think it revealed anything more about him?

I'm loving Kaladin more and more as we move forward in the story!  He's truly admirable and heroic and I think the way he acted in the latest bridge scene will change the way the rest of the crew see him.  He might be putting himself at risk but it seems to be paying off and I'm really liking how the transformation is giving him focus and making him feel closer to his father.  He's fulfilling his roles as a soldier and a healer all at once!

5. During Elhokar and Dalinar’s later discussion the king said that Dalinar was becoming more like Gavilar near to his end ‘When he began to act … erratically”  It seems like Dalinar is becoming more like his brother.  Do you think this is significant??

I think it is very significant, because Gavilar seemed like quite the admirable King and his mission to unite the people is a noble one.  I feel like Dalinar's gift/burden might turn out to be a higher calling that the Elhokar's as King....if only Dalinar can convince everyone he isn't losing his mind that is.

6. We finally witness one of Dalinar’s visions.  Do you think there is any significance about the visions always taking place during a storm and what were your feelings about this particular vision?

That vision was something else wasn't it?!  It solidified my impression that Dalinar is connected to the Knights Radiant of the past.  His calling is becoming a bit more clear with all the detail that vision provided.  His visions seem to be saying that history is on the verge of repeating itself and that the lost Radiants...not to mention a Desolation might be on the horizon!!  It seemed like the vision showed us the arrival of the Knights Radiant of old and they litterally invited Dalinar to fight with them!  I hope we get to learn more about the Radiants of old; not to mention who other possible new Radiants might be :D

Extra bits:

-The battle with the Chasmfiend was seriously made of awesome.  The way it started with Dalinar counting his heartbeats as the battle raged on added to the intensity and just the whole thing really amazing to read!

-Anyone else think it's odd that Dalinar has completely forgotten his wife??  And later on he seemed to allude that he had had something done to actually forget about her...I'm going to need more information on all that hehe.

-Dalinar & Kaladin seem to be on a destined collision course with one they have some joined sort of a mission or purpose but I feel like they'll be runing into one another soon enough and I honestly can not wait for it to happen! 


  1. I'm loving Wit so far! I wish he was in more scenes. That bit about Dalinar forgetting his wife is strange, isn't it. I'm assuming we'll get an explanation eventually. Like you, I keep thinking these two groups have got to meet up eventually. When they do, it'll probably be epic! Can't wait! :D

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  2. I loved these chapters - I think my reading this week all started to come together a bit more - I felt like the names and characters became clearer for some reason.
    I agree - I don't really like Sadeas - he's incredibly arrogant and he definitely brings out my bad feelings - hopefully Dalinar is right to trust him, but at the moment I definitely can't seem to do so.
    I guess I'd be paranoid if my father had been assassinated but that thing with the saddle - yes, it could be a coincidence but it does seem a bit shifty.
    I loved the vision - and those creatures, OMG! I never thought of that - Dalinar being connected to the Knights Radiant (double doh).
    I hope you're right about Kaladin and Dalinar being on a collision course to meet. I'll look forward to that.
    Lynn :D
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  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot about Dalinar's wife! It definitely seemed supernatural in some way, because he mentioned being able to remember events with her in them, but she was just a blur. Do you think it was a punishment (self-inflicted or otherwise)?

  4. 1. & 2. Yep - Saldeas might be a good guy, but I just can't like him. There has to be a better way to treat the bridge men.

    3. I hope we get some answers soon about this, because it will make a big difference to how we view Elhokar.

    4. Although I admire Kal's actions for his men, I wonder if it will attract negative attention from the nobles.

    5. I think that Dalinar has a really small chance of turning this society into something half decent, certainly as it is at the moment.

    6. Someone is trying to prepare mankind for the coming Desolation - and they are going to need all the help that they can get!

    I got the impression that Dalinar's wife had been removed from his memory somehow - perhaps it was the only way to deal with his grief.

    I think Dalinar and Kal are definitely on a collision course and fate will make them comrades in the preparation for the next Desolation.

  5. Wit is definitely a favourite this week! And great point about Dalinar's wife, I totally missed that; I wonder how it'll factor in in future chapters...

  6. Yeah, Kaladin certainly is turning into a soldier and a healer, despite his father saying you can only be one or the other. He is also a leader....if he can just get the crew to follow.

    And what is up with Dalinar's wife? Do the boys remember her? Did they also have their memories tampered with to forget her? And What about everyone else? Forbidden to speak of her? Definitely want more info on that one.


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