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Way of Kings RAL Week 2

This is our second week for the read-along and for some reason, I kept thinking the post had to go up Tuesday (Yesterday) so I was actually ready in advance :O  I just wish I'd actually had time to read ahead some. D'oh!  Anyways, this week, our host is Lisa of Over the Effing Rainbow 

*Week 2 - Chapter 7 - 12*
Caution: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1. Shallan's determination pays off, but Jasnah Kholin seems to change her mind a bit suddenly, and when Shallan isn't expecting her to. She mentions knowing of Shallan's family... Do you think perhaps she knows more than she admits? Or is she really just a bit more soft-hearted than she lets on?

I think Jasnah was genuinely expecting Shallan to show up again.  To me it just seemed like another test on Jasnah's part to gauge Shallan's perseverance.  She must have decided that if Shallan did show up again, she'd reconsider.  I definitely wouldn't rule out that Jashan may know more about Shallan's situation than she's letting on, but I don't think she knows the entire truth.

2. Yalb comes to the bargaining rescue as Shallan tries to buy books... Do you think there's going to be a bigger part in events for him to play?

So far I'm really enjoying Yalb's character; there even seems to be some slight romantic tension between him and Shallan. I did find it almost a bit too convenient that he showed up to help her right when he did but so far he's been nothing but helpful and endearing so I'm holding out hope that he doesn't have ulterior motives.  I mean, he could have been keeping an eye on Shallan without her knowing it!
3. Part One ends with a ray of hope for Kaladin, as he rediscovers a sense of purpose... What did you think of the scene in the Honour Chasm, and then with Gaz afterward?

That was quite the charged and poignant scene wasn't it?? I was especially struck by the part Syl played in changing Kaladin's mind.  I'm glad she encouraged him not to give up and to fight again but I was especially surprised that she remembered things about Kaladin's past. Whaaa?!. That was cool!  I thought that that bit with Gaz at the end was kind of brilliant and I can't wait to find out how Kaladin will make out now that he's started to hope again.
4. We catch up with Szeth for an interlude, and things are very different for him... What do you make of his choice to enslave himself - if it is in fact a choice...?

I thought that was especially sad - because the sentence is self-imposed, isn't it.  He may be following orders from the Parshendi but he still seems to think he deserves his faith.  At the very least, he clearly feels an awful lot of remorse about his actions at the start of the book and to me he genuinely seems to be trying to make amends the only way he can.  I wonder if someone will eventually intervene for him though and possibly give him another "mission".

5. We also meet Dalinar Kholin, Jasnah's father, and get something of a hint that he's important where the Radiants are concerned... What do you think Dalinar's 'fits' might mean?

Now this HAS to work into the mythology of this story!!  Dalinar really does seem to be getting messages of some divine source.  And I think he must be tied into what went down in the Prelude in some way. As far as the plot goes though, I think he really is a game changer - whatever he decides to do (act on his 'visions' or not) will directly affect the outcome of this story.  He's quite the intriguing counterpart to his daughter Jasnah in any case and I hope we get to learn more about him...and his two sons.

Thoughts?!  As usual, I'd love to read them and chat some more!
I can not wait to see what's going to happen next, for all the characters involved -
I think my next few days off will be spent with this bad boy ;)


  1. I really like Yalb so I hope he doesn't have ulterior motives. It's kind of what puts me off Shallan to be honest, trying to become attached to someone in order to rob them. I mean, I do feel sorry for her with her family situation - but even so it doesn't endear her character to me.
    The Chasm scene was pretty unbelievable. I never thought Syl would get back in time to save him. I didn't think he would die! But just didn't see Syl being the saviour.
    I felt sorry for Szeth - it seems like he had to act in the way he had because he was a slave but he clearly didn't like it. I think there may be a sad story here somewhere along the line.
    Lynn :D

  2. I figured Yalb was kind of watching out for her, just because he figured she might need a hand. I hope he has no ulterior motives! I'm getting some romantic tension there, too, but it would be very inconvenient for Shallan, since he's just a sailor and she's a lady.

  3. 1. I'm just so excited for the big reveal of what Jasnah's plans have been since she seems like such a schemer, haha.

    Dalinar is a really good foil to his daughter it seems, great point! I'm excited to see what he ends up doing and what more visions he gets, hopefully we'll find out more about what was going on in the Prelude :D

  4. I think Kaladin is brilliant too. The way he handles Gaz - a little threat, but also a little incentive (the sphere bribes). I hope it works for a long time so Kaladin can do whatever magic he does with Bridge 4 Crew.

    There's so much to learn about Dalinar. He himself has things to learn - about his fits, his brother. I am really enjoying how each character has some story before where we came in and that we are learning it in bits and pieces.

  5. 1. I find it hard to think of Jasnah as soft hearted, but I can believe that she is fair minded and was testing Shallan's resolve.

    3. I love the developing dynamic between Kal and Syl, especially the fact that neither of them knows what is going on.

    4. I did wonder why nobody has used him as an assassin again, although I guess that they might not realize that he has that talent. Also, they may not need anyone killed!

    5. Agreed: Dalinar has EPIC! written all over him.


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