Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Solemnly Swear...2014 Bookish Resolutions

This is the 2nd part in my '13-'14 post-blitzIf you missed it, check out my 2013 wrap-up
featuring my absolute favorite books of the past year

Happy New Year Everyone!! And you all know what that means: time for bookish resolutions for 2014! While I'm not always great at actually keeping these goals, I think it's fun to make up these kinds of lists and read what other people are planning for the new year :D

Here are the books I feel like I NEED to read next year - these are not limited to just upcoming new releases (that will be another post altogether) but just a collection of books I'm pretty much dying to read a.s.a.p:

*Click covers for links to Goodreads*

Some of these are kind of embarrassing to have on here cause I think I might be the only blogger left that hasn't read them *blushes* but hopefully that will all change in '14 and I can proudly tell you all about it in 2015 :D

You can also add Throne of Glass # 3 by the incredible Sarah J. Maas to the top of this list - though it doesn't have a cover yet...or a title.  What's up with that?! Wanh, I need some tiny morsel to appease me. *pouts*

Anyway, I also thought I'd share some of the existing series I plan on catching up on in the new year - I'm only showing the covers for the books I still need to read in the series. Click the series title link to see each series in it's entirety:
The Covenant Series

The Charley Davidson Series 

The Mistborn Series

2013 was the year I vowed not to buy as many books so I could finally read those I already own.  And then BEA happened and I added tons more to my shelf. So, while I successful in not buying too many books this year, I still added to my collection. For 2014, I'm actually hoping to BUY ALL THE BOOKS  o.O  *ahem* but yeah what's the point of working 6 days a week if I can't have some rewards right?!   I also plan on making a dent in a lot of the books collecting dust on my shelves.  I realize I'm being ridiculously optimistic here...so we'll how it goes haha >.<

As far as Blogging Resolutions, I want to relaunch some of my discussion/fangirling features...I really let things slide at the end of the year there because real life kept getting in the way, in terms of work and some pet related sadness - we said goodbye to our beloved cat Suzy who had been a part of the family for almost 16 years ♥  Needless to say, my blogging and socializing (via Twitter,  Goodreads and the like) took a hit...

Oh and I also plan on having more giveaways!!  Now that I'm working so much, the funding shouldn't be an issue much longer so I can finally give back to my amazing friends and supporters XOXOX

Thoughts? Do you have any bookish goals for the new year?
*Stay tuned for my final post for this '13-'14 extravaganza 
featuring books coming out in 2014 I'm especially looking forward to


  1. Great plans! I am just writing my must-read list and I also have Graceling and Eon, Taylor and Bardugo on it. It's getting super long again...
    Sorry to hear about the cat, I can imagine what losing a pet is like and it totally blows.
    Happy 2014!

  2. Shadow & Bone and Grave Mercy are both books that I've vowed to have read by the end of this year. The wait for Throne of Glass #3 may kill me; it's been months since reading Crown of Midnight, and I still have a terrible book hangover from that one. Happy reading in 2014, Micheline! I hope you get to read all of these and many more! :D

  3. I love how you just want to buy all the books :D You are right! Best way to spend the money you work for. I don't have a job, so for me, it's buying less books than 2013 (but still enough to make me happy, haha) Grave mercy, Shadow and bone: AHH, I love those two books <3 Happy New Year :D

  4. Shadow and Bone is AMAZING! Definitely worth reading! Happy New Year!

  5. I can't wait to read Gods & Monsters! I still need to get to Allegiant too, but I'm scared.

  6. BEA killed my TBR List too. I can't wait for Assassins Blade. So excited to read that. I have yet to read Shaow and Bones but I have heard amazing things.
    Hope you have a great New Year!


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