Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Year End Wrap-Up

This is the 1st part in my '13-'14 post blitz.  Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3.

It's that time again: time to recap all the wonderful bookish things that went down in 2013!  This year was my first full-year blogging and it was quite an amazing one at that.  Lots of bookish memories, amazing books read, blogging goals and new friends made along the way:

~* Memorable Moments *~

This year had two HUGE stand-outs for me.  The first one is, predictably, being able to go to New York City (for the first time) and attend Book Expo America '13.  Authors are like rock stars for most of us so getting the opportunity to meet so many of them, not to mention so many amazing bloggers & bookish people along the way... ♥  - I have no words, but it truly meant the world to me.  Easily one of the highlights of my entire life!

The second stand out this year passed by without my realizing it, mostly because I was insanely busy with real life (D'oh!) : my blogoversary was September 13th!  I'd wanted to do a giveaway and have some sort of a celebration on here but I never got the chance.  Anyways, it was pretty cool to clue in that I'd been blogging for over a year already.  It's become such a staple in my life that I can hardly remember what I did before this!

~* Favorite Books Read in 2013 *~

This year had more flops for me as far as books read.  I had fewer than usual stand-out books and a lot more average to bad ones... but 2013 also had some pretty spectacular wins as well:

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~* Goals Accomplished *~

These are the books and/or authors I'd set out to read this year - they were actually part of my 2013 bookish resolutions and featured here on the blog as ones I felt I *needed* to read for the year:

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I actually thought I'd only read 1-2 off the list since I focused on review books for most of the year so I'm quite pleased that I get to cross some off my list! 

~* Props for 2013 *~

I also made some new bloggy friends in 2013 too that I feel deserve a shout out.  I loved visiting these blogs throughout the year & chatting books : Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts, Ula @ Blog of Erised, Mel @ The Daily Prophecy, Ransom Reads, Kelsey's Cluttered Bookshelf & Picture Me Reading are but a few of all the lovely blogs I discovered this year - if I forgot to mention you, it's either because I was already loving you in 2012...or because my memory sucks >.<

Thoughts?  I'd love to know what some of your favorite reads were this year!
Stay tuned for Bookish Resolutions for 2014 & 
what books I'm most excited for in the New Year!


  1. Crown of Midnight was definitely one of my favorite 2013 reads as well! I'm so happy that you got to visit NY this year (um, I may be a little biased when it comes to how much I love that city, lol). I hope you have an amazing 2014, Micheline! Looking forward to continuing to chat about books with you in the new year! :D

    1. Such an amazing sequel to add to an already stunning series ♥ I seriously can NOT wait for ToG #3!! And thanks so much Lee, NYC was a blast and I already want to go again :D Here's to an incredible '14 and many more bookish chats!! XOX

  2. Awwww thanks for the mention ^^ So glad I made new blogger friends, it's been a great year for that! :)
    I see we read a few of the same books! I look forward to The Girl Who Circumnavigated... I won it this year and will read it soon. :D
    Also yay for accomplishing a few resolutions, that's always awesome. And OMG NYC + BEA! So jealous! :D
    Happy New Year, I hope it's awesome!

    1. My pleasure Ula ♥

      We've definitely read and loved a lot of the same books this year! Congrats on the Girl Who Circumnavigated...(those titles are soooo long haha!) anyways it's a really great read, I hope you love it too :D I actually just got book #2 yesterday, I'm pretty pumped XD Hopefully someday we'll both get to attend BEA the same year ;-) Happy New Year!!

  3. Yey, I love that there are two Sanderson books on the list :D <3

  4. Among your favorite 2013 reads are some books on my 'must-read' shelf. I'm really glad to know you loved them so much.

    You had a spectacular year, and happy (late) blogoversary! Time really does fly, don't you think?

    I would have loved to be able to attend BEA, too. For the time being, that will be difficult for me, as it happens during my exam sessions, so I can't very well take off and go to NYC in the middle of that. But one day...

    Have a great weekend, Micheline. Happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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