Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #19

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Most touching moment

Well, I might just come off like a broken record here, but I have to go with the entire chapter 34 of Deathly Hallows: The Forrest Again.  From the moment Harry exits the Pensive my heart began to break for him .  The amount of character growth he goes through as he realizes what the final step in Dumbledore's plan is almost to much to bear. Then he makes his way out of Hogwarts, seeing all the carnage on the way...well, on the way to the forest. And the stone. And his family. And his death.    Aaand all the feels!! *bawls*

I'm not kidding, I almost always tear up reading that chapter; Harry's courage and selflessness are just so moving.  I can't even. *sniffle*

(*Close runner-up: When Harry completely destroys Dumbledore's office after losing Sirius.  Harry's pain is so raw and to finally get most of the truth from Dumbledore at that point.  Not to mention how they Dumbledore interacts with Harry throughout...his sadness over the burden he is passing on to Harry? So many feels!!*)


  1. Ooooh what a pick! That part broke me. He was so ready to face the worst, no matter what it was, I was so proud of him. I don't think I could have done it myself. And then he saw his family and everything, it was so so hard! :X
    Great pick!

  2. We were totally thinking on the same wavelength this week, lol. I get the chills whenever I think of that chapter, particularly when Harry turns the stone and what happens afterward. I can't imagine the courage it took for him to do what he needed to do, to face his own mortality like that, but that's what makes him such an amazing literary hero. <3

  3. Absolutely. That chapter... breaks me every time. And every read feels just as heartbreaking as the first time, even when I know how everything is going to turn out already. It was so bittersweet, getting to see Harry with his family one last time. Just beautiful. And yes, the part after Sirius' death also always get me!

  4. Awww this scene <3. It's so beautifully done and absolutely heart breaking. I can't deal with Deathly Hallows - it's all too sad!

  5. I agree with Leah, the scene is done beautifully! But really, there are so many sad and touching moments in HP!

  6. That moment so makes me cry as well!

  7. Good lord, you've summed it up so perfectly! That moment is really beautiful and emotional. I wish I could write like that. To make a reader feel so much emotion takes a lot of skill.

  8. THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHAPTER IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. For real. I reread this chapter quite a bit, and it never fails to make me cry. It's just so beautifully done and, like you, I adore Harry's character growth here. He really is one of the best heroes ever written.


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