Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #18

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite moment in Book 4

Oh, this is making me wish I'd re-read the books again this year like I meant to, I feel like I'll overlook some scenes and details...especially since Goblet of Fire is such a huge book! I mean, there's a LOT of stuff going on in this one - who could forget Malfoy getting turned into a ferret?!  Or Harry offering up his Triwizard winnings to Fred & George!  So yeah,as expected my answer is once again a bit of a toss up.  I think my absolute favorite moment in GoF is:

When Harry & Ron become friends again after the 1st TriWizard Task

I remember being super bummed out when Ron & Harry had their falling out - Harry had once again found himself hated by almost everyone in Hogwarts; he needed Ron more than ever but poor Ron just wanted to get out of 'The Boy Who Lived's shadow. Sigh.  I remember feeling absolute bliss when they finally got together again ♥

However, I think the most epic & memorable scene in the entire book is when Voldemort comes back to life.  That scene is chilling, horrific and sheer evil yes, but it was also inevitable.  Harry once again faces up with his now living nightmare and he survives. Again. So yeah, it's not really my 'favorite' scene but I just had to mention it anyways because of how significant it is to the series as a whole.


  1. I was definitely torn between Hermione's moment and Voldemort's return. I just got chills thinking about. It's where shit starts going doooown haha. I don't think I'll ever get bored of reading these books.
    The argument between Harry and Ron really got on my nerves as well. I was so, so angry at Ron! Get a grip! Hhaaha <3

  2. I think my favorite moment is the Labyrinth task :D Harry & Ron were so stupid here, haha, but I agree that it was great to see them coming back together as friends!

  3. Great moment! I was so anxious when Harry and Ron were mad at each other and not talking and being snappy and mean and it broke my heart. I was so glad when they were friends again, I think Ron's support of Harry helped Harry face the tasks a bit more easily. :)
    And I agree on Voldemort's return. It's bad but good at the same time. So spooky and foreboding!

  4. Harry and Ron's falling out made me wince; I was only too happy when they patched things up. And that scene in the graveyard is one of the scariest in the series for me; I still shudder a little whenever I watch the film!

  5. That is an awesome scene!!

  6. Oh yeah, it was so upsetting for me to see Harry and Ron fight. The dream team needs to be whole for them to work. In conjunction with their make-up scene, I also loved seeing Harry kick ass against the dragon and totally showing up all the other contestants. Thattaboy, Harry! Having Ron show his support was just the icing. Dang, I really want to reread this again, too!

  7. I also hated their falling-out :( I always think it's horrible when that happens to people who have been friends for years. I'ts been years since I've read the book but I still remember it.
    And the graveyard scene at the end! So creepy! Especially the part with Pettygrew and his hand >.<


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