Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #16

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite Villain

Alright, first up: Happy Halloween everybody!! Any day that celebrates Witches & Pumpkins & Black Cats is a winner in my book - I hope you all have a magical day ♥

And we have another brilliant topic here, quite fitting too!  Miss JKR certainly does shine at a lot of things, but no one can deny that she gave us some complex and memorable villains.  Starting with the obvious, Tom Riddle himself, who is without a doubt one of the most terrifying and diabolical characters I have ever read about.  Then there's Umbridge, who I think most of us wanted dead more than anyone else...the old hag!  Snape is another one that comes to mind, though I honestly don't think of him as a true villain; he's more of a cruel and mean man who has better motives (and a better heart) than he lets on.  So, I guess when it's all said and done, my favorite villain of them all is:

Bellatrix Lestrange

I'll be honest, my choice is probably due, in large part, to my love and admiration for Helena Bonham-Carter in general because I could never ever forgive Bella for ending Sirius.  That being said, HBC's portrayal was absolutely perfect in my opinion - she made Bella impossible to resist.  As much as she still terrifies me, watching her fly around the Ministry at the end of OotP, cackling like a real witch ought to always makes me smile!


  1. HBC is an amazing actress and I looove how she portrayed Bellatrix, it was spot on. But I am still not Bella's fan. Like you said, she killed Sirius, and she was a tad too crazy for me as well. :D Good pick though!

  2. What I love about her is that she is crazy evil and she is such a loyal follower from Voldemort :D

  3. You're so right about Helena Bonham-Carter being perfectly cast as Bellatrix! She was absolutely deranged, just like Bellatrix is in the books. Happy Halloween, Micheline! :D

  4. Snap again on this weeks! I have the same as you with admiration to HBC. She is such a stunning and talented woman. I loved reading about this character and I even felt a little disappointed that she was killed even though she was so sadistic!

  5. YES! I love Bellatrix! Definitely one of my fav villains if not my top favorite. I loved the actress for the role too she was perfect! Snape is another fav of mine though he's not a true villain I guess after the end. And that cat teacher lady *shoots her in the face*.

  6. Helena Bonham-Carter is brilliant, AGREED!! She really brought Bellatrix to life in the craziest way possible. Favourite villain is SO tough because, like you say, Jo is a genius when it comes to creating complex villains that you love to hate. But I think there are none that I love to hate more than Umbridge. GRRRR, that woman was INFURIATING!! Oh man, I think my blood pressure is rising just thinking about her, haha! There is something extra bad about a villain who acts under the guise of someone who is good.


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