Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #13

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite Moment in Book 3

So this week, we're talking about our favorite moment from Prisoner of Azkaban, and I don't have to tell you all (again) that this is one of my absolute favorite books in the entire series!  Picking one single moment to love more out of so many amazing moments was especially hard this time around but here's my pick:

When Sirius' true identity is revealed and he invites Harry to come and live with him.

It's heartbreaking that it never actually happened but every time I get to that part, it makes me so happy because Harry thought he was completely alone before then - and now, he has a living family member ♥ who was his father's best friend at that!  Sigh...I can't help wishing for both of them that it could have happened; even for just one Summer :*)

Honorable mentions go out to
- The week Harry gets to spend alone in Diagon Alley. 
 - When Lupin teaches Harry how to make a Patronus.  
 -The introduction of the Marauder's Map.  
-When Harry conjures a Patronus to save himself & Sirius.


  1. It would be so so great if they actually managed to live together. I'd love it. They'd both have a kind of normal family again and that would be great for both of them.
    Lovely pick!

  2. That moment absolutely guts me every time, and it's one of the reasons why PoA is my favorite book in the series. Oh how so many of us, including me, wish that Sirius and Harry had been able to live together as a family for at least a little while! Awesome pick, Micheline! :D

  3. There are so many great moments in this book it was so hard to pick!

  4. I think I would have come up with the same answer as you if I had participated in this! It's tough because PoA is FULL of amazing moments - and you listed them all here - but I just remember my heart swelling up when I first read that scene (and in subsequent times, as well). And then of course my hopes were dashed almost immediately after... sigh. That was heartbreaking! I wonder how Harry's life would have been different if Sirius had never gone to gaol and could have adopted Harry and protected him when his parents died. Harry deserved that life!


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