Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #12

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite Place in the Series

Ah! Finally, I can offer up one single answer to one of these questions - this one is a no-brainer for me.  My absolute favorite place from the series has got to be:


There is just no other place I would rather be, fictional or otherwise!  The idea of a secret, magical school being hidden away in England just gets me excited like nothing else can.  I want to find myself a Time-Turner or a TARDIS and send my 11 year old self to study at Hogwarts.  And then I want to stay on staff full-time...maybe even live there permanently.  I might not be a teacher but I'd still want to be there, you know?!

Other than Hogwarts (since I feel like that's the 'general consensus' answer among us Potterheads), I'd definitely pick Diagon Alley.

This is almost like a second home within the series.  I could totally see living & working there!  All the little shops would be fun to browse through endlessly and since Potter & the gang now work at the Ministry, I'd feel super safe :)

I would have loved to have gotten a chance to explore Godric's Hollow more too, not just because it's Harry's birthplace, but Dumbledore's as well!  Not to mention the Three Brothers!  Sigh, so much for my 'one single answer' eh? >.< #fail.


  1. Awesome picks! I have Hogwarts as well, but Diagon Alley is pretty high on my list as well. Such a cool place! I loved how Harry got a few weeks of fun there in PoA, totally jealous. :D
    I wish we learnt more about Godric's Hollow! Shame it was so briefly mentioned.

  2. Haha funnily enough the things you've just said about Hogwarts are things that I wish I could do with university. I've finished now and just want to go back!
    Great pick hun, I love Hogwarts. Can't believe it didn't even cross my mind to use it?!? xx

  3. I've often wondered...with Hogwarts being in Scotland, and me living near Glasgow, why do I have to go all the way to London to catch the train back up to Scotland??!!! Bit of a long journey for me...*grins* Can't I just use the Floo network?!!

  4. I couldn't agree more with your picks!! I think that Hogsmeade is pretty cool too. I just want to live inside the HP books lol!!

  5. I'd give ANYTHING for Hogwarts to be real and to be able to attend school there! It's also probably the only school that would make me look forward to going to class, lol.

  6. I would love to walk around Hogwarts and see all the classrooms and everything going on! So fun!

    My moment!

  7. Haha, yes so much for your easy answer! There is so much of he wizarding world that I would love to see, but yes, Hogwarts is the clear answer here. And obviously it would be the best thing ever to be able to go the school there (though maybe not during Harry's time because Hogwarts isn't the safest then), but even just a visit would make my LIFE. I could die happy if I could just explore it for a day. Maybe with the Marauder's Map in hand so I wouldn't get lost, hee!


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