Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harry Potter MotW # 8

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Teaching at Hogwarts

This week, we're speculating about Teaching at Hogwarts. Specifically, what subject we'd go for if we were teachers at Hogwarts! I had an especially hard time narrowing it down this week (surprise, surprise) but I think I'd be most likely to teach:


How cool is it to be able to change something into something else?!  More than that though, how brilliant would it be to be able to change yourself into an animal.  I'd want to learn how to change myself into some kind of feline so fast!  It sounds pretty complex and a little scary but man, I think it would be beyond awesome!

I've always had a soft spot for Charms too, all of the stuff you can do seems brilliant, a lot of it dead useful and some other stuff, just plain impressive *blinks* Then again, I can easily see the Muggle-born in me become completely obsessed with the rich History of Magic and wanting to learn everything that ever happened in the magical world.  I'd hopefully be more interesting to listen to than Professor Binns...but then again, I doubt we'll ever get rid of him >.<


  1. Great choice! I had trouble picking this week again since so many great subjects are taught at Hogwarts! Transfiguration seems great and being an Animagi would be even better!
    I could never go with history; I find it boring in any world :D

  2. I wish I knew how to do some of the Charms that Mrs. Weasley uses around the house; those look incredibly helpful. And I was just thinking last night as I hunted around for something I misplaced how fantastic it would be to know Accio. XD

  3. Aw god great answer! There are so many awesome classes it's difficult to pick just one :). Charms sounds especially cool though (and helpful) xx

  4. I would be a cat!!! I would always be a cat! :)

  5. Yes, changing into an animal would be great! Imagine that you are attacked on the street and you transform into a lion or something scary like that, haha.

  6. Dude Transfiguration is awesome! I would want to learn how to play Quiddich bahaha. Really though just so I can fly a broom! :D

  7. Transfiguration is cool..I woul like to transform into a bird so I could fly but I would want to be a strong bird like an eagle etc.

  8. Transfiguration would be awesome. It's funny though, because I would want to teach Astronomy. Not anything super special lol!! I was always fascinated with the stars and the universe and used to want to be an astronomer actually.

  9. Your pick would be super awesome! I'd want to take flying lessons, lol. I used to have a recurring dream growing up where I was flying, and though I'd be using a broomstick, I'd need plenty of practice. I mean, we are talking about the girl who can't walk off of a porch without breaking her ankle! :O

  10. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Animagus aspect of Transfiguration! I would like to learn how to do that!! Failing that, I would want to be around animals anyways, so I would think I would want to teach Care of Magical Creatures. I wouldn't choose any of the dangerous creatures Hagrid brings out to show the class, nope. Poor Hagrid. But how could he think Blast-Ended Skrewts were a good idea??

    1. Ewww, I just found some artwork someone has done of a blast-ended skrewt:


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