Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #10

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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  Favorite Book in the Series

Yikes, this is like asking people with kids to choose their favorite (I imagine?) - don't make me choose! O.O  The entire Harry Potter Series has been and will always be my favorite series of all times, so in a way, all the books are my favorites.  Out of the seven story parts, I do have certain ones that hold especially special places in my heart- Prisoner of Azkaban & Half-Blood Prince, but my absolute favorite out of the bunch has got to be:

Deathly Hallows

No big surprise here, right?  To me, JKR took her story to a whole other level in this one.  The added legend of the Three Brothers, the Hallows and the quest for the Horcruxes all added a certain mythical feel to the trio's adventure.  I mean, they broke into the Ministry, Gringotts AND Hogwarts in one book!

Harry has an amazing character arc in this one as well.  He's grown so much already at this point but in this specific book, he blew me away.  Christmas in Godric's Hallow brought on all the feels and the fiasco that followed was a game changer.  Then there's chapter 24, The Wandmaker, where Harry finally puts everything together.  That bit where he can picture Dumbledore nodding to him in his head, eyes twinkling...Sigh ♥

The Missing Mirror is another chapter that brings on the feels, but nothing could have prepared me for Chapter 34, The Forest Again.  Ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to cry and hug someone or my copy of DH.  That entire chapter, from the first word to the last just kills me!

And then you get to the ending. As perfect as it is, I still never ever want it to end. You can't rip my heart out and expect me to move on like nothing ever happened!  That's probably why my first 3 re-reads began as soon as I'd read the last page in Deathly Hallows. >.<  I just couldn't let go and say goodbye...It's just so sad but happy at the same time. Gah!

I don't know about you guys, but I kind of want to re-read more than ever right now haha!


  1. I know what you mean; it's so hard to say goodbye, to come to the end, even though the last chapter is amazing... I always have the worst book hangover after finishing Potter. :X

  2. Yes- "The Forest Again!" That chapter makes me cry EVERY TIME I read it or see that scene in the movie! The whole book is one gigantic wave of emotions, but for me, this is the chapter that first comes to mind whenever I think of DH.

  3. I can't stop re-reading Harry Potter, whether it is the books or the Stephen Fry audio books. I lose count of how manytimes I cried in this book-Dobby, Harry walking to his death with his family, Snape's death, poor was never ending!!!

  4. I'm really not surprised at this books popularity. It's difficult to pick between this one and PoA for me. It tends to depend on my mood! this one was so heartbreaking and soul destroying but I loved it! There's always a place in my heart for Potter.

  5. I love this book so much, great choice!

  6. Ha, it's a tough choice, definitely! For me, I think I became more and more enamoured with the series with each book, so I would say Deathly Hallows as well. For all the reasons you named!!


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