Thursday, August 15, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #5

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite Triwizard Task

This week, we're talking tasks in the Triwizard Tournament. All three tasks were so thrilling and fresh, but if I have to pick a favorite I'd go with the third and final task:

The Maze

Despite it's disastrous,albeit inevitable, conclusion, this task drew me in the most of all  Mazes and labyrinths are among my favorite tropes in fiction - there's the element of mystery/intrigue to them that always get my heart pumping with every twist and turn.   The Quidditch Pitch really became terribly dark and ominous once it was fashioned into a living, magical labyrinth, with all those traps, spells and challenges...not to mention where it all ends up! *gulp*


  1. Great pick, the maze was mysteriously creepy wasn't it! And the vines and the sphinx and all that happened inside was just super scary for me. Not to mention the conclusion. Terrible. I loved it nevertheless though :)

  2. I totally would have gotten lost in that maze, lol. I dread reading about that task in the book or watching it in the movie because of everything that happens once that task begins, but it's crucial to setting up the rest of the series. Awesome pick! :D

  3. Ooh, I love mazes and labyrinths too! Great pick, Micheline!

  4. I am fascinated by the labyrinth too! I wish I could walk through it and check it out. Could I get through it?? It is just so magical and spooky. And of course.. the sphinx!!!

  5. I loved the maze task as well. I loved that each task added more dangers, and that the maze was basically a death trap. lol Great pick!

  6. Huh, I can't decide which one I'd choose. I mean, they were all so good and I remember feeling so anxious for Harry! But I think I liked the First most because of the outcome - Harry pulling off a great performance and Harry and Ron reconciling their differences. It was great :)


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