Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stacking the Shelves *27*

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tynga's Reviews showcasing new books we've gotten a hold of (bought/given/gifted/trade/for review).

I haven't done that many StS posts in the last little while - I am still under a self-imposed book-buying ban...but I do believe it will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. I've been shockingly good so I plan on rewarding myself soon!  I've also been holding off on requesting review copies since I have so many August/September/October releases that I still need to get to but that didn't stop me from adding a few review copies to the pile:

Magic Marks the Spot by Caroline Carlson, Nomad by JL Bryan, Pygmalia by Stephanie Constante

I requested Magic Marks the Spot after I tried, and failed to snag a copy at BEA - they ran out seconds before I got there. D'oh!  Anyways, I ended up getting approved on EW!  How could anyone pass up a MG read with pirates?  I certainly couldn't.  I've also been wanting to get my hands on Nomad since I found out it was a futuristic time-travel adventure. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to be a part of the book blitz for it hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. (you can still enter to win your own copy of Nomad! Click here)  Then, being the good little book fairy-godmother that she is, Giselle & author JL Bryan generously offered up review copies for everyone participating in the blitz! Win.  I also was lucky enough to get a lovely finished copy of Pygmalia from author Stephanie Constante - writer of the Draconi Series, which I read & loved! She even signed it and everything cause she's just that awesome.  Pygmalia tells the story of a girl who discovers a secret cyborg/soldier prototype while staying with her father one Summer, which I think sounds wicked cool!
Alight, this is me reigning it in (kind of) and moving on to the rest of my haul:

Full-Blooded has been on my reading list for a while now, so when I spotted it up for grabs on NG, I couldn't resist.  A paranormal with shape-shifters & demons sounds like just what the Doctor ordered.  And speaking of the Doctor (see what I did there?!), that minimalist TARDIS cover was certainly enough to get my attention but when I saw that Winter's Dawn, Season's End was a story about the Tenth Doctor?! Well, my David Tennant senses started tingling (♥♥!!) and that was that.  It seems like my geek-flag was flying high this week because I also got Razor's Edge - Empire and Rebellion which features Princess Leia, Han Solo & Luke Skywalker. It's set just after the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.  The best part?  This book has space pirates! O.O

So for a final bit of Doctor Who gushing (I swear), Miss Stephanie Constante - who rocks my face by the way,  also sent me some swag, tucked away in my copy of Pygmalia... which got me squealing straight away!  She's a fellow Whovian too so she knows what's up.
It's a Doctor Who postcard - TARDIS included ;)
Star Wars, Time-Travel, Time Lords, Pirates, Shifters & Cyborgs. 
I love my life so hard right now! XD
I can't wait to see everyone else's haul this week so link me up :)


  1. It's good that you're trying not to buy too many books! I had a ban for a while, but it only worked so long. I just tell myself now that I'm only allowed a certain number, depending on how much I read of what I already have.
    Nomad was really good, so I hope you really enjoy it!!

  2. I really want Razor's Edge ~ I am such a Star Wars geek!

  3. I've heard of both Amanda and JL's books and feel like I'm really missing out by not giving them a go, so I MUST. Soon. And a Doctor Who fan are you? *raises eyebrow* Why, Micheline...

    I'm scared of the Doctor. I'm afraid I'd become frighteningly obsessed xD

  4. Wow! What a great haul! I never heard of Nomad, but it looks so cool! And yay Doctor Who!

  5. Nomad should be really good, Micheline! I've enjoyed this author before. Pygmalia also sounds pretty cool, so I hope you have fun reading it! :)

  6. Cool haul. Happy reading :)


  7. Magic Marks the Spot looks awesome! I love the cover, and an MG pirate book? I'm sold! Enjoy all of your new reads, Micheline! :)

  8. I've heard tons of good things about Full Blooded. I hope you enjoy that one!
    Happy reading!

    My STS

  9. Nomad does sound really cool. The premise kind of reminds me of the movie Looper. Magic Marks looks really cute. Great haul! Enjoy your new lovelies!
    Natflix&Books' StS

  10. Nomad looks and sounds amazing hun! I also want to congratulate you on being so good with your book buying ban! I could never have pulled it off as long and as consequently as you have been o.O
    That Tardis book cover looks awesome, by the way ^^
    Enjoy all your new reads! And the pirates ;)

  11. Awesome haul sweetie. I love signed books. Looks like you had a good week. Nomad looks fantastic. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  12. Magic marks the spot looks soooo cute :D Enjoy!

  13. Awesome haul! I've been trying not to download the Doctor Who, Star Wars and Full Blooded books and here all three are. It's like they're telling my to download them anyway, lol.
    I hope you enjoy them all!

  14. Magic Marks the Spot looks good. I, too, got Razor's Edge the other week. Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions

  15. Dr. Who!! *hearts* Like the sound of Pygmalia!


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