Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harry Potter MotW #2

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite Creature from the Series

SO MANY awesome creatures to choose from! Gah!  It's next to impossible to narrow it down to just one.  I do however have a soft spot for Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix and I was a big fan of the way JKR chose to portray the phoenix in the series:

Being a Phoenix, Fawkes is immortal: he dies in flames to be reborn from the ashes.  The phoenix is known to have incredible strength & is able to carry very heavy loads. Phoenix have the ability to teleport - even from within Hogwarts & their tears have healing powers!  If that isn't already way beyond cool, the phoenix is known to have a very powerful, soul-altering song that has the ability to both calm others + give them courage.  I think a Phoenix added even more to Dumbledore's mystique, I loved the bond that the two of them shared.  Of course, Fawkes himself was also particularly loyal to Harry which was a big plus, it definitely came in handy in the Chamber of Secrets!

Honorable mentions go out to: Thestrals & Hippogriffs - can't forget Buckbeack ;)


  1. I was really close to picking Phoenix as well, but dragons won me over cause I've loved them for ages now. :)
    Lovely pick tho, I think he's amazing!

  2. I actually recently finished HP and the Chamber of Secrets (yes I haven't read all the books yet. I'm working on it. xD) and I loved Fawkes in it! :D <3

  3. Oh, I love Fawkes! One of my favorite scenes from OotP is when he and Dumbledore make that fantastic exit out of Dumbledore's office, leaving Umbridge and Fudge so enraged! Great pick! :D

  4. This is a tough question, definitely! Because there's so many to love!! Of course I love Fawkes - and I've also always been interested with the bond he shared with Dumbledore because it's not common for phoenices to be pets. (I thought "phoenices" was the plural of "phoenix", but now I don't know...)

    Definitely Buckbeak, Hedwig, Pigwidgeon, Crookshanks, Arnold, Errol, Trevor, Snuffles... haha, I could name them all, really!

  5. Aww Fawkes. I love all of the scenes with him. Such a sweet bird and I love the scene in which he saves Harry :D

  6. Fawkes!! I also loved how she portrays him and really all the birds and creatures in the book. Like Dobby <3 Dobby is definitely my favorite - I even named our Mac Mini after him! haha

  7. Fawkes!! Dobby is my favorite though! Fawkes would come in second for me I think.

  8. I love Fawkes!

  9. Fawkes is pretty epic. I would love to have a phoenix for a pet. I already love birds and this bird would just be so fun to show off!

    My Moment of the Week

  10. I think Buckbeak is my favorite. I also love Crookshanks. Definitely not a fan of Aragog or Scabbers... Again, this is just the coolest meme ever.


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