Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites *6*

Friday Favorites is a quicky feature I've decided to do! It's certainly not the first of it's kind, given the alliteration, but it fits with what I'm going for.   - Every week, I'll feature 5 random favorites of mine, bookish or otherwise!  If you have any suggestions for future 'favorites' I'd love to hear them :)

This week I'm going with a suggested 'favorites' topic from the lovely Sharrice over at Reese's Reviews , who suggested I do a post about my favorite foods.  Now for those of you who may not know, my real-life job is in the naturopathic/natural health field.  Though I'm not a vegetarian (I used to be but it just didn't work for my personal health & metabolic needs), I am careful to avoid preservatives, artificial additives and processed foods.  Add that to a few food allergies and let's just say most of the food I eat is home-made so there will be no actual 'junk' food in this post...but that doesn't mean I don't eat yummy treats!

Penne Pasta w. tomato basil sauce
1. Pasta - this is probably my number one comfort food, so over the years I've tried any and all combinations of pasta.  Lately, I'm on a brown rice pasta noodle kick, which taste the same as regular wheat pasta, just wheat & gluten free!  Topped off with tomato basil sauce and cheese?  YUM.  I could eat this like 4 times a week every week and never ever get bored!

2. Cheesecake - I enjoy the traditional New-York style cheesecake quite a bit - especially when topped when raspberries or strawberries!  My favorite kind of cheesecake is probably key-lime cheesecake like the one they have at the Cheesecake Factory! Though the Butterscotch Cheesecake me & the boyfriend kinda created is pretty intense *drools*  -->  awesome cheesecake I had while @ NYC via Red Lobster.  Which brings me to...

3. Seafood- When you live close to the ocean, eating seafood is almost a way of life!  Lucky for this Pisces that I freaking love the stuff, which was surprising in my childhood because I was notoriously grand-mother was always able to keep me well-fed and pleasantly surprised with a variety of fish & shellfish meals!  <-- this shot here, is of what I had on the first day in New York at Red Lobster: fresh snow-crab legs with butter dipping sauce!

Green Tea Honey Vanila

4. Häagan Dazs Ice Cream -  which is my go-to ice-cream because it's on of the few ice-creams available around here that is made from actual cream, milk and sugar - you know, real food-stuff  >.<   Green Tea & Honey Vanilla flavor is my #1 favorite kind ♥ it's surprisingly refreshing & just plain drool-worthy!  The Praline & Cream one and Dulce de Leche are close runner-ups...though if the Butter Pecan flavor was available around here, I would probably die O.O

Mixed Berries
5. Fresh home-grown veggies & fruits - I know, I know -boring. I just planted my first garden though, and I'm really excited because now that I'm in the country again, we finally have a yard...and a lawn! Working in garden with the bf takes me back to my childhood and the times I spent with my grandmother tending her garden!  And then eating fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli...OM NOM NOM!  Plus we planted herbs like basil, thyme, oregano and peppermint so I can't wait to throw those in some yummy Italian cuisine!

So what are some of your favorite foods?
Let me know guys, I'm always into new food ideas :)


  1. I LOVE pasta, it's one of my favourite ever foods. I'm like you and could eat it practically all the time without getting bored of it, much to everyone else's frustration hahaha. :D And cheesecake is so, so nice!

  2. Häagen-Dazs ice cream is my absolute FAVORITE! I was so tempted to buy some the other day while I was at the supermarket, but I forced myself to walk away from the freezer. I've loved the chocolate chocolate chip since I was a kid; just thinking about it now has me craving it!

  3. OMG your post made me so hungry. I love sushi, veggies with hummus, cupcakes, pasta, chocolate, and gummy bears. Oh and veggie chips. I could eat a whole bag of them in one sitting! I can't eat ice cream because I'm lactose intolerant, but I like sherbert!

  4. Green Tea is my fav. ice cream as well!

  5. This post has made me so hungry! (Not good since it's like 1am). I love Häagan Dazs...but since I'm allergic to a protein in milk it's one of the brands have to flat out avoid because it's so rich. I really wish we still had a garden, it's so much fun and not to mention yummy.

  6. Heh, this post literally has me salivating! So close to my bedtime, too. But I will resist and not eat so late at night! And maybe indulge a bit tomorrow...

    I definitely admire your philosophy when it comes to food. I try my best at eating organically and avoiding preservatives and processed foods whenever I can. It can be difficult when you're low on time and money, but I think I make it work mostly! I am gluten and lactose intolerant, which throws another wrench in my food preparing and eating because it can de quite difficult and costly. But pasta and ice cream are still my faves even so! Corn pasta and lactose-free ice cream, that is. I love seafood, too, and I am SUPER jealous because your seafood must be so fresh and so much more delicious where you live! And there ain't nothing boring about home-grown fruits and veggies, in my opinion. I always had a bountiful garden growing up and it's insane how much better the fruit and veggies taste when they come right from your own garden! Carrots and tomatoes and peas taste like candy from my garden, but are often tasteless from the supermarket, I find.


    I'm hungry and lunch is more than an hour away. And then this. Penne! And ice cream! And fresh fruit! *licks monitor*

  8. I think it's awesome that you cook yourself :) I was quite shocked when I first realized that a lot of Americans can't actually cook! (I don't know whether it's the same in Canada). In Switzerland, we have mandatory cooking/householding skills class in 7th grade...
    I love pasta, especially gnocchi! And you may laugh at me, but I've never had cheesecake. It's not really a thing around here. Looks very yummy though! I don't like seafood/fish but I'm often amazed by the variety of ways in which you can prepare it.
    What's ice cream made of if it isn't milk/cream/sugar? o.O
    Fresh garden fruit and veggies are the best!! I just plundered and ate all our strawberries ^^ They taste so much better than the stuff you get at the store! Same goes for tomatoes and cucumbers :) My dad has the green thumb and there's always lots of great stuff in our garden ^^ Cool that you get to have your own garden and herbs again :)
    Now I'm craving blueberries - the ones on that picture look so tasty >.< They're so expensive here though...

  9. This post made me really hungry! :O
    I looooove pasta. I could live off it forever. And soup. <3
    Not big on ice cream although sometimes I crave it like crazy. We have this shop nearby where they serve the best ice cream in the planet - yes, it's true. Red Bull flavor kicks so much ass, my fave probably. :D
    I dislike sea food although I eat calamari. That's yummy as ****. :P
    I only made cheescake once but it wasn't exactly as the 'American way'. I do hope I can get a legit one sometimes. The one I made was pretty yummy though.
    And fresh veggies (raw and straight from the garden) and fresh fruit is the best. I stuffed myself with grandma's raspberries on Tuesday and aunt's baby carrots as well. Yum! :D
    Now I have to go make something to eat!

    P.s.: I made this recipe last week and it was fantastic and super easy.


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