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Magical Me *2* - Elementals

 Magical Me is a new Lunar Rainbows feature I've launched!  Each month, I will feature a cool magical element from books- be it magical systems, spells, magical items, enchanted worlds...
 I thought it would be fun to discuss & share the magic :)  If anyone would like to join, you're welcome to whip up a post - all I ask is that you link back to me in some way - I've added a linky-link to the bottom if anyone's interested.

For this edition, I chose to spotlight - Elementals or Elemental Magic: Magic that works specifically with the 4 basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
The Four Elements Together
I've always been fascinated with the ability to control, animate or work with the elements.  Not only does it seem dead useful AND awesome but I've always really gotten into learning about the properties and attributes of each element and how each one has it's pros and cons. (nerd alert!) Generally speaking, the 4 elements are Water, Earth, Fire & Air; some different sources list  'Spirit' or 'Aether' as a mysterious 5th element but we'll get into that in a bit...

So usually, wizards, benders or other magical beings would have the ability to manipulate/or have a particular affinity towards either one of the four elements -or- sometimes with all four simultaneously.  In some cases, the mere fact that one has magical abilities would mean wielding power over the elements (e.i. spells). Other times, it is a power exclusive to elementals and must be practiced extensively before one is able to work or 'bend' the element(s).


The Elements & their usual properties:

Water : Extremely versatile offering both offensive & defensive options this element often includes healing abilities (♥). Water is the element of change and this ability includes not just water, like the tides, oceans & rivers but ice, snow and fog- wicked right?!  Water experts: Katara, Kora, Poseidon, Percy Jackson, Aquaman, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune
Spells: Aguamenti spell in the Harry Potter books & films

Earth : Being equally offensive & defensive (major plus!) gives Earth magic strong neutral tendencies. Users are usually good at standing their ground. This ability includes controlling earth, rocks, plants, trees...sometimes even metal!  It is the element of strength.
A Few Earth pros: Thor, Hades, Pluto, Nico De Angelo, Toph, King Bumi, Bolin, Lin Beifong

Fire : The element of power, energy & passion, it is mostly offensive, even aggressive and is often seen as the evil element.
To me, being able to create and control fire seems brilliant and really alluring- you can't ignore fire that's for sure!
Famous Fire-Starters:  Zuko, Iroh, Azula, Ozai, Mako from Avatar & Kora, Mario & Luigi (hihih), Sailor Mars, Hephaestus...
Spells: Incendio spell in the Harry Potter books & movies.

Air : Being able to control & affect air/wind currents - most times, this includes the ability to fly which I must admit is a major selling point for me!  Whoever controls the skies is usually in a pretty sweet position battle-wise.  Air is the element of freedom, speed, agility & evasion- mostly defensive it`s considered lacking in offensive battle or finishing moves.    
Air gurus: Aang, Tenzin, Korra, Storm (X-Men), Thor, Jupiter...

Element Symbols w. Spirit inclusion
Spirit or Aether - Spirit is ability to communicate with the spirits or enter the spirit world/realm.  Past and Present Avatars have this ability. Aether is said to consist of all the materials that exist above the like outer-space stuff or heavenly stuff.  Usually though, it was thought to be 'where the Gods 'lived' so in the context of our magical discussion both Spirit & Aether will be considered the same thing. **Some sources list the 5th element as metal, separating it from the earth element entirely.

SO with all that being said, which element would you pick to manipulate or bend if you could only pick one?  Personally I've always felt especially drawn to Water magic.  Being a Pisces, I tend to be attracted to all kinds of water, be it for drinking, swimming in, looking at and even listening to... I'm also very much in love with fog, rainy days and being snowed or iced in :D  I LOVE that elemental Water magic allows to manipulate water in all it's forms!  But then...the other side of me gets all captivated with Fire's so dramatic & fierce (Zuko ♥).  Getting to know Avatar Aang in the original Avatar Series made me appreciate and admire Air Bending, cause well...they can FLY guys - flying is COOL!   I tend to be less instantly attracted to Earth Magic even though it's probably the most useful one... I don't know, dirt and rocks seem less awesome...until I get thinking on like plants & metals and all that fun stuff!  So bottom line, I guess I'd want to be an Avatar >.<  or someone who could magic ALL the elements.  What about you guys?
Elemental Magic
 Finally,  does anyone have any suggestions for awesome elemental magical reads??  Personally I am a HUGE fan of Avatar the Last AirbenderThe Legend of Korra animated series.  I think my current re-watching of the series probably inspired this Magical Me post.  I'm also in the midst of the Covenant Series by JLA (which I am loving!!) AND the Apollyon is like this chosen epic person who possesses the ability to manipulate all four elements so between those stories, I am elementally obsessed right now!!  Oh and I own book 1 in the Elemental Series (Storm) and the series title itself promises Elemental goodness!  I've also heard there is some elemental magic in the Vampire Academy series...I do own a few books in that series and plan to get into it soon but I may be wrong on the elemental VA fans, let me know :)


  1. I'm a Fire girl ~ just like Mario & Luigi. ;) I guess that makes me a little evil and passionate. But fire can be cleansing too, right? Yeah, we'll go with that. I love this post, excited to see more!

  2. i wish i had a rec for you but I'm not to familiar with those books bc i do mostly PNR and UF but i did love avitar (the cartoon) when I was younger lol
    Danielle @ Coffee and Characters
    New GFC follower

  3. I love Avatar the last airbender..definitely water for me!

  4. I love Avatar! That's like my favorite cartoon series. But havn't yet started with The Legend of Korra *sigh*. I hope to soon though!
    I think I'm a water girl and i'm an aquarius so guess that suits. If not I'd be earth, I just love Toph.

    Oh yes VA does have a slight elemental aspect. I think you are going to like Christian Ozera since you like fire ;).

  5. I was just about to bring up VA! Yes, there is elemental magic there, even Spirit, it's used but not emphasized much. And I love Avatar- it would have been a great series of books.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! New follower:)
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

  6. I would totally choose water. It can be as helpful as it is destructive!! Dude, have you read M.R. Merrick's Protector series. That is a fantastic series that has elemental magic! The last book comes out soon.

  7. LOVE!!!! Both elemental magic and this post :) I've always personally been drawn to air as I like the speed, agility, and grace it provides. I agree that Earth is my least favourite, but it is probably the most useful. I was just thinking about this the other day while I was in the field, fossil hunting - earth magic would be BEYOND useful if you could feel like Toph and be able to tell exactly where the fossil is. Now would be mega cool (I may have set off a second nerd alert with that one).

    You must MUST read Shadow and Bone, Micheline!! The magic system in that is not specifically elemental magic, though it does have many similar aspects (there are fire Grisha and water Grisha and such).


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